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  • Maria Chowdhury
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How to Enjoy Your Menstrual Cycle

How to Enjoy Your Menstrual Cycle

How do you feel about your menstrual cycle? Do you experience lots of mood swings, cramping and pain, or do you look forward to your menstrual cycle as if a good friend is coming to visit again, reminding you that you are a woman?

It's important for us to learn some simple, wise woman ways to connect with our wombs. Today, we're going to talk about harmonizing your menstrual cycle with herbs, meditation, and nature. Whether you see your cycle as a problem that needs to be solved, or if you see it as something to be honored, then please keep reading.

Herbs, nature, and routine can help you to enjoy your menstrual cycle. - Birth Song Botanicals

3 Ways to Synchronize with Nature

Throughout time, women have been and will be the time keepers. Each and every month, women reveal their connection to the greater cycles of nature. Our internal clock is synchronized with the cycles of the moon. We wax and wane, we are full and still.

When we lived in a time that we awoke with the sun and slept with the stars over our heads, when our bare feet touched the soil and our hands worked the land, our cycles were synchronized with nature. In our modern age, the lights are on, we eat processed foods that we did not grow, we drive in metal boxes 80 miles an hour, and we have constant external stimulation. Needless to say, our cycles might have gotten out of sync with nature, too.

1. Follow a Routine. Have a set schedule where you wake up in the morning and go to bed at the same time every night. The more consistent you are with your sleep and wake cycles, the better it is to help to reset your circadian rhythms.

2. Get Rest. Make your bedroom completely dark when you are sleeping at night. Your bedroom should only have 2 functions: Rest and Intimacy. It should not have your TV, computer, bright lights and your home office in the corner. All of that electricity and light effect your ability to sleep deeply and peacefully.

3. Get Outside. Spend at least 10 minutes outside every day (unless it's freezing like it has been lately!) Get sunlight on your skin and moonlight in your eyes. Seeing the moon as it progresses through it's cycles may help you recognize the changes in yours.

4 Ways to Celebrate Your Menstrual Cycle

Perspective is everything! How we perceive our cycle deeply effects how we respond to it. If you see your menstruation as a messy painful burden that your ashamed of, then it can only be that for you.

Until you are able to gain a new perspective and cultivate a new relationship with your body, by connecting and honoring your body, only then a new relationship can start to take place. Once that shift happens, you will see so many different shifts in every area of your life and especially in your menstrual cycle.

1. Start tracking your cycle on a calendar. The more you observe and document how you are feeling each day of the month the more insight you will glean about your body and psyche.

2. Change your sanitation methods. Start using cloth pads or use the Diva Cup instead of hygiene products that are made with synthetic materials that are expensive, uncomfortable, and fill landfills.

3. Give yourself space. Carve out self time and create space in your life for you to retreat and treat yourself special.

4. Meditation. Taking the time to connect with and cleanse your womb space is a loving and tender way to tend to yourself in a deep and soulful way. Meditations like a Cleansing Your Pelvic Bowl meditation are so intimate and nurturing that they bless you from the inside out.

Cycle relief is important to help you enjoy your menstrual cycle.

4 Lovely Herbs for Cycle Support

1. Chamomile. Think of chamomile as a sweet grandmother who always know what you need, even before you ask. Because chamomile high in calcium, it is comforting for painful cramps and vulnerable emotions. Chamomile is like that comfortable blanket that you want to pull over your head as you crawl back into bed.

2. Motherwort. Helps take the edge off of strong intense emotions that might come out a little more harsh or extreme then you intended. It also encourages effective uterine expulsion of all the endometrial lining so that your next cycle starts out clean and fresh.

3. Cramp Bark. This amazing herb does exactly what the name implies. It is incredibly effective at relieving painful menstrual cramps and whole body aches and pains!

4. Cycle Relief Menstrual Support Tincture. Think of Cycle Relief Tincture as a friend who is there to support you physically, emotionally, and hormonally as you cycle through your month. Cycle Relief Tincture is especially helpful during your first days of your menstruation. Cycle Relief helps you feel good in your physical and emotional body, both of which are undergoing hormonal changes during your menstruation. Cycle Relief Tincture comforts you by softening the harshness of menstrual cramps, bringing you much-needed relief.

It is an astringent, nervine, and nutritive uterine tonic that maintains uterine tone, minimizes bleeding, and helps your uterus empty out completely so your next cycle will start fresh. I intentionally blended Cycle Relief Tincture to taste delicious and sweet—because you deserve some sweetness!


Tell us about your menstrual cycle. How would you describe your experience with the pelvic bowl cleansing meditation? Have you worked with herbs to harmonize your cycle before? What would you ad to the menstrual honoring list?

  • Maria Chowdhury
  • menstrual cyclenourishmentrestrhythmroutineself-caresupport

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