Four Ways to Increase Fertility Naturally

Four Ways to Increase Fertility Naturally

Many of us have the idea that as soon as we want a baby, we can make it happen easily. So if it doesn't happen right away, worry seeps in. You start to worry that it won't happen for you. You start to think there is something wrong with your body. You go into research mode, trying every method that claims to increase fertility, both naturally and medically. You start to schedule intimacy. You question everything.

Without adding to the burden, I’d like to offer up some simple yet profound ways that can support you while you are on this fertility journey. If you'd like to increase fertility naturally, I think there is more to it than something to do or take. Here are the four tips I'd like to share.



1.  Come Home

If you desire to be pregnant–filled with child–then it’s time to come home first.  Coming home means focusing on being the healthiest you possible. This includes health in all forms: physically, mentally, emotionally and soulfully. To connect with your most healthy physical self, it might be time to take a good look at your daily habits. What needs to get polished up a bit?

  • Are you working out 3-4 days a week? 
  • How are you moving your body that is promoting good muscle tone and flexibility?
  • Could you shed a few pounds?
  • What about smoking or drinking?  Is it time to quit?
  • How many cups of coffee do you really need in a day? 
  • What nourishing foods are you eating?
  • Do you get fresh fruits and vegetables every day?
  • Are you eating healthy fats and lean proteins?
  • Does the diet you are eating optimally support you now?  Will it nourish your pregnancy?

If any of those areas need your attention, then I invite you to come home and tend to those areas of your life - lovingly and diligently. 


increase fertility Naturally


2.  Connect with Yourself

I know it feels like your biological clock is ticking while the rest of your life is filled with demands on your time. You have schedules, deadlines, places to be and people to see. You are super productive and efficient at what you do. You can get so much crossed off your list. But pregnancy is not something to cross off your list. It is a life process to be experienced. Fertility is a process.  Natural processes take time, they take pauses, and sometimes they go really, really slowly.

I invite you to look deeper into your life.

  • Are you making the time to connect with your body, your womb, your menstrual cycle, your partner and your tender self that needs to be listened to?  
  • How do you unwind and clear your mind? 
  • How do you connect to the natural cycles all around you?  In what ways do you feel like you should slow down and connect? 


May I offer you this short but sweet meditation to establish a connection with your body, heart and womb?

Let's begin by getting comfortable in your seat, or lie down....   Take three long, slow cleansing breaths.....  Allow your body to sink into relaxation......  Feel your body become more comfortable with each breath.... Continue to breathe, slowly and deeply, in and out..... Now, gently place one hand over your heart and the other over your womb..... Focus on your breath awareness.... As you breathe, feel the connection your hands are making with your body....  Continue to breathe and relax as you focus your awareness deep into your body....  Imagine that you can breath into your heart and into your womb......  Allow yourself to perceive any sensations that are present in your heart and womb.....  Give yourself a moment of gratitude for these precious spaces in your body......  Now ask your body what it needs right now.....  Listen with kind curiosity.....  Listen and connect to your body with patience.....  Once you “hear” your body’s message, take a cleansing breath.....  Smile to yourself as you start to open your eyes.......  These moments of connection with your body’s wisdom is powerful and important.....

Now, remember to follow through with what your body requested of you. Especially if you want your body to follow through with what you are asking it to do!


Yoni Steam for Fertility

3.  Know Your Cycle

Knowing yourself and your cycle is vital. If you have not read the book Taking Charge of Your Fertility yet, then add it to your must-read list! Toni Weschler teaches you exactly how to monitor your ovulation fluid, basal body temperature, check your cervix and how to chart it all so that it makes sense. 

  • How long are your cycles? 
  • What does your fertile mucus look like? 
  • What are the best days for you to conceive? 

She does such a great job that I made a video and blog post about the Fertility Awareness Method so you can learn how to do it.


Herbs to increase fertility


4.  Consume Supportive Herbs

Increasing fertility means promoting optimal health and wellness. The herbs that I use in Fertile Ground are adaptogens, aphrodisiacs, nutritive uterine tonics, and hormone balancers.  

Fertile Ground has two different applications: One is to regulate the menstrual cycle and the second is to prepare the uterus for pregnancy, increasing fertility. If you get pregnant while taking it, fantastic! At that point, you should stop taking it immediately, because this remedy is intended to regulate your cycle and it is not recommended for pregnancy.

  • Suggested use to regulate the menstrual cycle: Take 20-30 drops every morning, until cycle becomes regular.
  • Suggested use to promote fertility: Take 20-30 drops in the morning from menstruation to ovulation. Resume again with menstruation.

Fertile Ground is a blend of time-tested, fertility promoting herbs. Here is a little bit about them:

  • Ashwagandha- There is really so much to say about Ashwagandha, but for now, ashwagandha was mentioned in the Kama Sutra as a key herb to enhance sexual stamina and fertility. Additionally, our fertility can be compromised by illness, stress, poor nutrition, and hormone imbalance. Ashwagandha has been studied extensively and has been shown to be helpful in all of these areas.


  • Red Clover- For centuries, red clover has been valued for its numerous healing properties, specifically in women's health. Red clover is considered to be one of the richest sources of isoflavones, which are water-soluble chemicals that act like estrogens (known collectively as phytoestrogens). Red Clover is therefore used for hot flashes/flushes, PMS, breast health, and to increase fertility. 


  • Vitex- A well known herb that addresses irregular menstruation, you may also know it as chaste berry. Vitex has been shown to help balance, affecting both an absent menstrual cycle as well as a menstrual cycle that is heavy or too frequent. It may help prevent miscarriage too, because vitex has a positive impact on progesterone levels. If a miscarriage is due to low progesterone, vitex may help to normalize or increase progesterone levels. Generally speaking, vitex is considered safe to take during pregnancy, though not all of the herbs in this blend are recommended for that purpose. Always work with an herbalist or care provider like myself before taking anything during your pregnancy.


  • Red Raspberry Leaf- A classic women’s herb, red raspberry leaf is incredibly nourishing and used to promote healthy menstruation in women. It is rich in many easily assimilated vitamins and minerals. It tones the uterus and aids in the preparation for pregnancy and birth.

Let me leave you with this: take your time, breath slow and deep, love up on yourself and your partner, drink tea, take herbs, trust the process and allow.




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