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Natural Remedy for Bumps and Bruises

Natural Remedy for Bumps and Bruises
Healing Salve can be applied to any place on your body from your elbows to your toes and everywhere in between The ingredients are so clean you could eat it! 

As soon as starts to get warm out, we are outside more and more every day. If your kids are like my son, they'll be coming in for dinner with a new scratch, bump, bruise, or bug bite every other night. What is a mama to do? Well, she needs to wash it off, kiss away the pain, and apply Healing Salve to each and every ouch.

Herbal First Aid Care

Our kids are running through the sprinkler, camping out, fishing, hiking, swimming in the river, and they are bound to bump and scrape their knees and elbows, and get bit by mosquitos. 

I asked my son, “of all the remedies I make, what is your favorite? Without hesitation he said, “Healing Salve!” When I asked why, his response baffled me. He said, “because it is a shrinker.” Confused I asked, “what is a shrinker?” He smiled. “You know, it makes all my bug bites and ouches get smaller and smaller, and they go away really fast.”

In case you are new to Healing Salve, it is an incredibly versatile remedy for all seasons of the year, not just when it’s hot. But our family seems to use more of it now that it is summer.

Salves are made from a wide variety of herbs. Most salves are made from soothing or vulnerary herbs, and antiseptic herbs that have been infused in olive oil. Once the herbs have been extracted into the oil, it is then heated and blended with beeswax, and poured into glass jars and left to cool. As the oil cools, it solidifies.

Now the salve is ready to be applied to practically anywhere and everywhere on your body. Once applied to the skin, your body heat softens the salve and helps it absorb. 

It is important to keep a few things in mind when you are using salve as a remedy. The first thing to know is that you should not apply salve to a deep puncture wound. You do not want to heal the top layer of the the skin before it heals from the inside. The other thing to remember is that oil holds heat in. So, if there is a burn, do not apply salve until the heat is out of the burn.

Salves do have a shelf life of anywhere from 6 months to a year if it is stored in a cool, dry, dark place. If it is kept in the glove compartment of your hot car in the summer, it will melt and go rancid.

Healing all sorts of owies with BirthSong Botanicals Healing Salve

As a midwife, I formulated my multi-purpose Healing Salve to be applied on all sorts of conditions, such as:

  • diaper rashes
  • cuts
  • scrapes
  • irritations
  • dry skin
  • chapped skin
  • healing burns
  • tattoos

Nursing mothers also use it when they are sore from nursing their newborns. I’m proud to say that quite a few local colorful tattoos have also been soothed with Healing Salve! 

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Herbs to soothe teething painHerbs to cool a sun burn

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