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Yoni Steam Herbs for Miscarriage Recovery


Yoni Steam for Miscarriage:

Love and bless your body as you honor this experience as a rite of passage that you are recovering from.

The healing process after a miscarriage is a significant and emotionally charged journey. We blended specific herbs to support your physical body to stop bleeding and recover quickly, as well as loving and supportive herbs for your emotional and spiritual recovery.  

Allow Yarrow flowers, Uva Ursi, and bright, uplifting Calendula to hold you and enter into the deep spaces of your womb and emotions, creating space for gratitude, seeking and finding the beauty within you. Remember your deeper truth. You are whole and complete. You are not broken. Your body did not fail.  This is a painful and essential part of your life's journey. And you are not alone in this, even if it appears that way right now.

Yoni Steam for Miscarriage is best prepared after your heavy bleeding has stopped and you are only spotting.  You can also steam once your bleeding has completely stopped.

Ingredients: A blend of Organic Yarrow Leaf, Uva Ursi Leaf, Shepherd's Purse Herb, Plantain Leaf, and Calendula Flowers.

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Complete steaming instructions are included.

Yoni Steam for Miscarriage is intended for external use only.

**A gentle reminder that an emotional or physical release after steaming may be part of your process, so allow yourself the time to experience and move through this. Try and prepare your steam before bed, so you can lay down and rest afterward. Do not steam after possible conception or if you think you are pregnant.


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