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The Best Baby Shower Gift Registry Ever!

Best Baby Shower Gift Ever

The baby will be here before you know it!  For real!!  The last thing you need is a bunch of unwanted baby stuff that you know you won't use.  Your loved ones want to get you something special for the baby.  Some well meaning family members just need a little guidance.  Here is a great opportunity for you to show them what you want and need to have a natural childbearing experience.  

As a midwife, I know first hand that getting ready for the baby is a primary way for you to embrace all the changes that are happening in your life right now.   To help you prepare for your birth, we collaborated with Terra Tots Natural Parenting to give you a complete baby shower gift registry that contains Birth Song Botanicals and other well loved natural parenting products.


  • 1 To create your free account click here

    To create your account, simply put in your contact information, username and password.

  • 2 Now that you are logged in...

    Click on the APOTHECARY tab to find our herbal products. Feel free to include as many Birth Song Botanicals products that you think you'll need.  Remember we recommend a Postpartum Herb Bath for the first 5 days postpartum.

  • 3  Add everything you think you'll need for you and the baby to your registry!

    Of course, I recommend Postpartum Herb Baths, Nurtured Mother Afterbirth Contraction Relief tincture, organic herbal Nipple Salve, and Let There Be Milk! for breastfeeding moms!  But the beauty of this registry is that you can also add cloth diapers, clothes, toys and anything else they sell in their mom and baby boutique.

  • 4 Make sure you name your registry or wish list

    Give your "wish list" a unique but recognizable name so that everyone knows it's yours.

  • 5 Call or email to confirm your registry with Terra Tots!

    The final step is SUPER important! After you finish creating your wish list/registry you need to contact Terra Tots either by phone 1(479) 587-8687 or email terratotsnaturalparenting@gmail.com. They are very helpful, and they want to be there to help you share your registry with your loved ones.  You can even share it on Instagram!  They make it easy for everyone to order online or in person.

    All local registry's will have a super cute in store gift basket full of all of your items for people to come in and purchase in person if they prefer.


Create Your Baby Registry Here!


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