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Children's Immune Bundle for Colds and Flus

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As a mom, you know first hand how inconvenient it is when your kids get sick! Especially when they're uncomfortable and you have to find child care or take off work to take care of them.

Days like that are expensive and frustrating. That's exactly why we bundled up our two favorite herbal tinctures for children's coughs colds and cases of flu.  We want to help you keep your little ones healthy and strong all winter long.  Saving time and money is nice too!


Children's Immune Boost Tincture is well known and trusted by moms as an herbal antibiotic.  It is our top herbal remedy for cold and flu-like symptoms.

Children's Respiratory Support Tincture is made with organic Elderberry, Wild Cherry Bark, and Thyme.  All of which are "antitussives" and are excellent herbs for coughs, colds, and congestion.  They are are also known as "febrifuges" which means they naturally work with the body when it has an elevated temperature.

Click the product links to learn more about each herbal remedies and why they work so well together.

 We really mean it when we say, "we want to help you avoid as many unnecessary sick days as possible" so, we have a special gift for you!  After you check out you will receive a message that says "your free downloads are ready".  That's your Herbs for Kids Ebook filled with amazing herbal wisdom for keeping your children healthy all cold and flu season.  


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