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    • April 18, 2024 The Heart-Opening Magic of Hawthorn
      The Heart-Opening Magic of Hawthorn

      The Heart-Opening Magic of Hawthorn Berry, Leaf, and Flower: A Holistic Approach to Spiritual, Emotional, and Physical Well-Being


      In the realm of herbal medicine, few plants hold the same revered status as the Hawthorn tree (Crataegus monogyna), which is a flowering plant in the rose family, Rosaceae. The Latin word Crataegus means "hardness" or "strength". With its rich history dating back centuries, this mystical and medicinal plant has been celebrated for its heart-opening qualities, impacting not only physical health but also spiritual and emotional well-being. The trifecta of Hawthorn berry, leaf, and flower is believed to be a potent elixir that harmonizes the heart on multiple levels, offering a holistic approach to health.

    • April 09, 2024 Natural Remedies for Bacterial Vaginosis BV
      Natural Remedies for Bacterial Vaginosis BV

      Traditional treatment for BV typically involves antibiotics. However, such treatment often leads to frequent recurrences and poses some medical risks. Antibiotics serve as a temporary fix for BV symptoms, albeit sometimes necessary in the short run. Yet, they fail to address the underlying issue: vaginal dysbiosis, which signifies an imbalance in the vaginal microbiome.

      The discourse within the medical community surrounding bacterial vaginosis is misplaced. Instead of recognizing BV as a manifestation of vaginal microbiome disruption, it is often viewed in isolation as a gynecological concern. Yet, BV stems from a broader imbalance within a woman's overall ecosystem. But BV is annoying, sometimes uncomfortable, and also carries some risks. 


      So, what steps can women take to avoid and eliminate BV?

    • April 08, 2024 Home Birth Supplies List
      Home Birth Supplies List

      For the laboring mother, the work of birth is internal. You’re focusing on breathing and your baby as you move toward that moment when her velvet skin will be on your chest. Meanwhile, the birth team is busy with their own tasks, which aren’t so self-contained. They'll use tools and supplies from beginning to end to help you move through birth as comfortably as possible. Though birth will happen no matter what, some important supplies can help your team support you in safe and comforting ways.

    • April 02, 2024 Breastfeeding After a Cesarean Section
      Breastfeeding After a Cesarean Section

      Breastfeeding after a caesarean birth, in many ways, is the same as breastfeeding after a vaginal birth. However, there are a few things you will want to be aware of, and perhaps a few things you may be concerned about. It is always best to prepare ahead of time, make sure you have the support that you need, and get all your resources in place so that you can be successful breastfeeding.