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    • October 05, 2021 25 Simple Ways To Improve Your Mood!
      25 Simple Ways To Improve Your Mood!

      We all have beautiful lives, and yet we have days when we feel like crap. Some days are better than others. And somedays are so crappy that it's hard to remember that things will turn around and we'll feel better. All the great days and challenging days are temporary. 


      I realize that I don't know w the exact problem you are dealing with, and I can't fix or solve the problems. But, I can help you shift your mood. So, on today's episode of Apothecary Wisdom, I will share 25 simple tools that you can use immediately to improve your mood and your perspective.  

    • September 30, 2021 Herbal Earache Remedies- Video Series
      Herbal Earache Remedies- Video Series

      This is a 4 part video series covering all thing related to earaches.  Video 1 is the all inclusive video.  Video 2 covers symptoms, evaluations and herbal treatment.  Video 3 gives detailed instructions on how to administer the earache relief oil.  Video 4 teaches more about the therapeutic properties and benefits of the herbs. 


      After this series you will confidently be able to address the next earache that pops up.  And if you have young children in your house they will pop up at an inconvenient time.

    • September 16, 2021 Herbal Remedies for Back to School
      Herbal Remedies for Back to School

      The kids are going back to school just as the flu season kicks off. Now that all the kids are in close quarters, that slight cough or cold becomes harder for little bodies to defend against because they are so exhausted and stressed - illness is never preferable, and it always seems to hit at the worst times. Who wants to miss the big field trip or stay home sniffling when their friends are back at school playing with each other? As parents of more than one child, you know that means the sickness will make the rounds to the entire family.


      Thankfully, we have lots of healthy herbs to build and strengthen our kids' immune systems as they go back to school so they can stay as healthy as possible even if they've been exposed to bacteria and viruses.

    • September 14, 2021 Making Thyme and Lavender Herbal Baths for Children
      Making Thyme and Lavender Herbal Baths for Children

      Thyme for their lungs, thyme for their sore throats, thyme for their colds.

      I find myself incorporating lots of thyme–and time–into my herbal practice. After working with my own family and midwifery families, I began to realize the remarkable benefits thyme has to offer to our children.