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    • August 31, 2022 Herbal Remedies for Back to School
      Herbal Remedies for Back to School

      The kids are going back to school just as the flu season kicks off. Now that all the kids are in close quarters, that slight cough or cold becomes harder for little bodies to defend against because they are so exhausted and stressed - illness is never preferable, and it always seems to hit at the worst times. Who wants to miss the big field trip or stay home sniffling when their friends are back at school playing with each other? As parents of more than one child, you know that means the sickness will make the rounds to the entire family.


      Thankfully, we have lots of healthy herbs to build and strengthen our kids' immune systems as they go back to school so they can stay as healthy as possible even if they've been exposed to bacteria and viruses.

    • August 01, 2022 Breastfeeding in Public
      Breastfeeding in Public

      In many ways, the first days and weeks with your new baby are just the two of you—mama and baby, learning each other and figuring out your new normal. Sure, there are usually others around. Your partner, grandparents, maybe baby’s siblings. But it’s hardly “breastfeeding in public.”

      There’s something of a bubble around mama and baby. No matter what’s going on around you, there’s always going to be a different sort of bond between the two of you. The rest of the world fades away. For awhile, as you’re resting and recovering from birth, it really can be just the two of you. But eventually, the baby moon will end and you’ll need to venture into the outside world, and that’s when the question of breastfeeding in public arises.

    • July 20, 2022 Healing Salve is the Best Natural Remedy for Bumps and Bruises
      Healing Salve is the Best Natural Remedy for Bumps and Bruises

      As soon as starts to get warm out, we are outside more and more every day. If your kids are like my son, they'll be coming in for dinner with a new scratch, bump, bruise, or bug bite every other night. What is a mama to do? Well, she needs to wash it off, kiss away the pain, and apply Healing Salve to each and every ouch.

      Healing Salve can be applied to any place on your body from your elbows to your toes and everywhere in between The ingredients are so clean you could eat it! 

    • July 15, 2022 Top 4 Herbal Products for Babies
      Top 4 Herbal Products for Babies

      I'm not one to advocate a large stash of gadgets and products for babies. Instead, keep a few multi-purpose must-have items on hand. That way, you are not overly cluttered with duplicate items in your house. 


      Having said that, these are the four herbal products for babies that I consider necessary items.