Herbal Skin Care Products

Your skin is your largest organ and good skincare is so important for the following reasons: It helps your skin stay in good condition: You're shedding skin cells throughout the day, so it's important to keep your skin glowing and in good condition.

This is why we make a collection of herbal products.  We want to help you protect your skin and prevent it from scaring.  Our herbal salves are blended with organic herbs and food-grade ingredients, so you are feeding and protecting your skin.


Herbal Healing Salve is a first-aid ointment blended with herbs that help soothe itchy bug bites, rashes, and burns.  It is also great for tattoo recovery.


Herbal Diaper Salve soothes babies' sore red bottoms that are hot with diaper rash.  Herbal diaper salve cools and protects babies' delicate skin.


Herbal Nipple Salve is blended to help protect and soothe cracked, red, bleeding nipples from breastfeeding.  It is also a wonderful herbal salve to rub into your breasts and belly to protect yourself from stretch marks.


Our Herbal Cesarean Recovery Spray helps keep your C-section incision site fresh and clean. It is an herbal antiseptic spray that aids in your body's recovery process.


Herbal Cord Care Powder is intended to help dry your baby's wet, oozy umbilical cord so it can smell better and fall off faster.


Herbs thrive as first-aid allies. Our antiseptic Wound Recovery Spray is wonderful for keeping minor wounds clean. It is especially helpful for cooling sunburns. 


Herbal First Aid Powder is a potent blend of herbal restorative power in a bottle. Simply sprinkle a little of this powder onto minor cuts and bug bites, and watch your body create a natural scab and do what it is designed to do—restore, recover, and renew!