Natural Remedies for The Entire Family

All Natural Herbal Supplements to Keep the Whole Family Healthy

Home is where the heart is.  The difference between a house and a home is our family.  Keeping our family healthy naturally is what we do best at Birth Song Botanicals. Our natural herbal products are blended to help everyone in your family thrive. 

We make a non-habit-forming herbal sleep aid so that you wake up feeling rested and energized.

Our Stomach Soothing herbal tincture is great for road trips to manage car sickness.  It is also good for all things related to indigestion, like gas, stomach ache, nausea, and vomiting.  

Healing Salve is one of the best all-purpose herbal salves for scrapes, burns, rashes, bites, bruises, tattoos, and all things irritating to the skin. 

We have a nice collection of herbal teas for a wide variety of occasions such as allergy relief, immune support, cold and flu relief, and daily wellness.

Herbal baths are great for melting away aches and pains and for clearing lung and sinus congestion when you are sick. 

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