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    Blog posts

    • June 04, 2021 Herb Spotlight: Calendula Benefits
      Herb Spotlight: Calendula Benefits

      I combined calendula with other herbs in our postpartum herb bath to help aid in rapid perineal recovery and soothe hemorrhoids after giving birth. Calendula is also in our Nipple Salve, Diaper Salve and Healing Salve because it helps repair sore nipples, inflamed skin caused by diaper rash and it works as first aid skin care.  Calendula is why our Cesarean Recovery Spray leaves your incision feeling fresh and clean as your body heals.

      Let me tell you a little more about this delightful plant and why you might want to grow some yourself...


    • May 24, 2021 Making Thyme and Lavender Herbal Baths for Children
      Making Thyme and Lavender Herbal Baths for Children

      Thyme for their lungs, thyme for their sore throats, thyme for their colds.

      I find myself incorporating lots of thyme–and time–into my herbal practice. After working with my own family and midwifery families, I began to realize the remarkable benefits thyme has to offer to our children.

    • May 17, 2021 The Benefits of Using Herbs for Kids
      The Benefits of Using Herbs for Kids
      Communities and cultures across the globe have used herbal medicine to treat illness for more than a millennia. Long before corporations took over the healthcare industry and turned it into a profit-driven machine, people were healing themselves with what the earth provided. From turning echinacea flowers into cold-fighting tea to using valerian root to get a good night’s sleep – there is little that can’t be helped by natural medicine.
    • May 11, 2021 Plantain: Nature's Best Anti-Itch Bug Bite Relief Remedy
      Plantain: Nature's Best Anti-Itch Bug Bite Relief Remedy

      Oh, sweet summertime! How I love you! The sun rises early and sets late. I get to spend more time in the garden and on long mountain hikes. Honestly, though, summertime in Arkansas is both beautiful and brutal! We have so many bugs, ticks, mosquitos, and chiggers. Fortunately, we also have fireflies! No seriously, during the summer, my whole family is riddled with itchy bug bites and insect stings for months.  

      Today I'm going to share one of my favorite summertime herbs with you. Plantain is one of the best natural anti-itch bug bite relief remedy known to humankind! Stick around if you can relate to loving summer and needing relief from all the itchy bug bites.