Grief and Loss

Our hearts wrap around you and your family as you process the loss of your baby and pregnancy.  The heavy emptiness that comes with miscarriage loss is beyond words.  Our hearts hold you in this tender space that is special for mothers whose babies come too soon.



Here you will find a collection of herbal teas, tinctures, baths, and steams that can comfort you and hold you as you recover.


When you are in the midst of such a painful experience it seems like nothing can help you.  Yet I'm here to remind you that the little things matter.  When you feel supported by your loved ones or even if you are alone let the herbs hold you.  Drink them, bathe in them, let their steam rise up inside you, taste sweet drops of herbal tincture on your tongue.  The herbs have a way of knowing just what to do to help you find your wholeness again.