Postpartum Recovery Products for Mom and Baby

Pregnant women often focus so much time and attention on their upcoming births and don't realize how important preparing for after-birth recovery is.

Here at Birth Song Botanicals, we want new moms to feel pampered and well taken care of after giving birth.  Our all-natural herbal postpartum products are blended for rapid and peaceful postpartum recovery. 

We created Postpartum Herbal Baths crafted with herbs to help relieve pain from giving birth.  Our herbs may reduce perineal pain from stitches and soothe hemorrhoids from pushing a baby out.  Herb baths after birth are great for the baby too!  This specific bath was blended to dry the umbilical cord so it will fall off fast.

Mothers who give birth via cesarean understand how important rest and postpartum recovery is.  Our Herbal Cesarean Recovery Spray helps keep the incision clean and fresh minimizing infection and reducing scaring.

Our Nurtured Mother tincture helps new moms who feel like after giving birth they have pain and postpartum cramps.  This natural blend is also a postpartum depression and blues support herbal supplement.

For your sweet newborn, we have Herbal Cord Care Powder to help dry the umbilical cord quickly so it can fall off faster.  Plus it smells really good!

Hot red diaper rash looks and feels painful on newborn skin.  Our herbal diaper salve works like a diaper rash cream and is safe for all types of diapers including cloth diapers.