Herbal Bath Collection

Here you will find our collection of herbal baths to help you soak troubles away.  Each bath in our collection is blended with medicinal herbs for a specific purpose.  


Our Postpartum Herbal Bath supports new moms and babies after birth.  This herbal blend helps restore the torn and bruised vaginal tissues, as well as dry the infant's umbilical cord.


Our Children's Healing Herbal Bath is a 3-in-1 combination of a bath-steam-gargle to help clear lung fluid, congestion, soothe body aches and promote good sleep.


Our aromatic Cold and Flu Bath blended with eucalyptus is wonderful at opening congested lungs and nasal passages.  The herbs help support your body when you have cold and flu symptoms like body aches, coughs, headaches, and fever.



Our gorgeous Soothing Herb Bath is a universal bath that calms you when you are stressed, supports you when you are overwhelmed.   This bath is wonderful after a massage, or while you are processing intense emotions such as grief, fear, trauma, and pain of all sorts.