Birth Song Botanicals Product Quality Assurance

We started out as a small herbal apothecary in my midwifery office.  At that time, I grew, and custom made all the herbal remedies for my clients. Today, we have grown into a thriving, and sustainable herb company.


Our products are made following the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP'S). GMP's confirm purity and safety. Herbal and ecological stewardship is of utmost importance to us. We craft our remedies with organic and ethically wild crafted herbs. In order to accurately confirm the purity and quality of the herbs we work with, we obtain Certificates of Analysis (COA's). COA's certify that each herb has been laboratory tested. COA's, confirm the herb is organic or wild crafted, the plant, and plant parts, when and where it was harvested, if there are any treatments or additives, and that there is no bacterial growth present. The lab checks for Coliform, E. coli, Salmonella, as well as, yeast and mold. Also for quality control, we retain a sample from each and every batch made. We pay attention to detail in all areas of production. This same attention to detail continues with our record keeping. We have a computerized tracking system that monitors our inventory in case there was ever a recall.


We go the extra distance because we care about quality assurance, and we care about you, and your family! We know that pregnancy, childbirth, and lactation are a very special time in your life. Your small and growing child is delicate, and requires gentle, effective, and delicious herbal remedies. Mindfulness and safety are of great importance to us.


The complete collection of Birth Song Botanicals products are made from organic, high quality herbs that nourish women and children.

Our Women's Collection is carefully and thoughtfully designed to meet the many needs of women through fertility, pregnancy, postpartum, and breastfeeding. Women desire healthy, effective herbs, to support and nourish them during this vital time in their lives.


Our Children's Collection is tenderly formulated for children's delicate yet resilient systems. Children respond so well to herbs and love to take them when they taste good.   Our delicious herbal formulas are pure and effective.  Your child will love them as much as you do.


Our beautiful packaging is not just easy on the eye. We'd like to thank Water Spider Designs for her beautiful art work. We choose high quality containers to maintain the purity and freshness of our herbs.