Herbal Period Supplements

Birth Song Botanicals Menstrual Health & Period Supplement Collection is crafted with organic herbs to regulate your menstrual cycle, support menstrual health, relieve painful period cramps, promote good sleep, daily wellness, establish body awareness and self-love.


Our female body is amazing and been researched a lot more than you would think over the decades. The power that comes with menstruation has been compromised by the many methods and mainstream messaging that our bodies are dirty, painful, and ugly.  This messaging makes us want to get rid of all sensations and disconnect from our bodies and menstrual blood.  


Our Herbal Period Supplements are at the heart and womb of Birth Song Botanicals. We blended organic herbs to create safe and empowering remedies for the problems associated with our periods. Such as painful period cramps, irregular periods, PMS symptoms, heavy periods, feeling depleted during and after your cycle, body pain, strong emotions, and disconnection.



Some of the herbal blends we recommend are Cycle Relief Menstrual Support Tincture for Painful Period Cramps.  Menstrual Harmony helps regulate an irregular cycle.  Good Night Relaxing Herbal Sleep Tincture will help you get the best night of sleep.  Honestly, your menstrual health is important to us because it is the gateway to your empowered birth, your empowered menopause, and ultimately your empowered life!