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"As a midwife, I am cautious with promoting certain products to my clients. I prefer for them to use organic and natural remedies. I promote Birth Song Botanicals 110%. I, alongside my clients, have seen these products work in many ways from everyday maintenance to postpartum after pains and bleeding. If you have an issue Birth Song Botanicals has a remedy! "- Venessa Giron CPM, LM Midwife









"I've enjoyed so many of the products from Birth Song Botanicals, from the delicious and colorful Roots and Fruits tea to the sweetly soporific Children’s Tranquility. I think one of the best experiences that I’ve had with these products was when I was miserable with a sinus infection and I used an herbal bath. I added the herbs to boiling water, draped a towel over my head, and inhaled. The relief was almost instant. I felt my sinuses clear as I inhaled the sweet scents of lavender and the methol-like smell of thyme. I also began to feel very relaxed, and after twenty minutes I felt almost like a whole new person! I’ve had great experiences with all of the Birth Song Botanicals products that I’ve tried, but the main thing I love about these products and what Maria is doing is the sense of empowerment. It feels so rewarding to be able to ease my little one’s discomfort and my own. It is also so wonderful to be able to learn how to make and use these products through the workshops. To me that is probably the best part, being educated and encouraged to use these seemingly simple, but quite potent remedies.  Thanks!"- Bethany Fitzpatrick







Few things in life could ever equal the birth of a child.  Maria will forever be an honorary member of our family.  Cheers!"   

"I have relied on Maria's herbal knowledge through 2 pregnancies, postpartum, and now with my children. The Children's Herbal Gift Set is WONDERFUL and works beautifully! It has everything I need to help my kiddos recover from illness and stay healthy in the long run. And best of all it is made with love. It shipped super fast and Maria is always extremely helpful. She even sent complementary Astragalus Roots to further aid in my children's recovery.  I love Maria and Birth Song Botanicals!"  -Melanie McDonald








With both births, and throughout pregnancy, I utilized Maria's extensive knowledge of herbs when I needed something and did not want to go first to typical pill medications.  I used a tincture for sleeping called Children's Tranquility, allergies, Cord Care Powder, Postpartum Healing Baths, and even Stomach Soother for baby- Rene Guin Salazar

"Maria is very helpful and I've always been pleased with her herbal alchemy. I have purchased the Children's Herbal Gift Set and I've also purchased the Elderberry Syrup. I have already recommended her to my friends and family. Thanks Maria, for all your knowledge and your willingness to share what you know."   

-Carlee  Hensley



"Of course-Postpartum Healing Herb Bath is an amazing product, Birth Song Botanicals is the best. Crazzzzy fast shipping too. Keep it up Maria- you are THE BESTEST. Sending ALL my mamas to you for herbs. Just wish I was closer to NWAR to glean more of your wealth of knowledge. <3<3<3<3<3<3 -Holly Best Parker, Doula, RN


"The Postpartum Gift Set was great Gift! My friend had twins and was worried about making enough milk, not a problem with the tea and drops combo, she was also really impressed with the Cord Care Powder for the umbilical cord. I believe she has re-ordered on a few of the items in this package. Thanks so much for all your knowledge."- Amanda Michaels


"As a Certified Professional Midwife and Licensed Midwife in Arkansas who attends home births, I am always looking for ways to make the postpartum recovery period easier and healthier for my clients. New moms have so many things to take care of in those first few weeks - their own recovery, establishing a breastfeeding relationship with their new baby, integrating a new member into their family. Anything I can do to help make this transition easier for the whole family is a wonderful help. Birth Song Botanicals Cord Care Powder is a great tool to add to your postpartum tool kit. It is easy to use, helps the newborn's umbilical cord stump to dry up quickly, and it smells good! I recommend it to all my clients and used it for my own two home birthed babies. Thank you, Maria, for making such a great product".-Shawn House Licensed Midwife


"We love the boost for school days (2 days a week) and when she gets the sniffles. So far only mild colds with a short lived life. The daily, well, daily. Also, Kamden loves them and never hard to give it. Heck she would try to take it all of we let her. I use the line on myself and noticed a huge difference too. I was born with a immune disorder and am sick a good 50% of the year, but not once I started using the line too. Thanks for a amazing products, I always buy it for friends as part of baby gifts since I truly believe in the product and I'm so picky what goes in or on my family". - Katie Kiki