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Our herbal breastfeeding collection begins with Nursing Nectar Breastfeeding Tea to establish and maintain an abundant supply of breast milk.  For those mamas who need to increase their breastmilk supply we offer Let There Be Milk!  and organic herbal Nipple Salve soothes cracked sore nipples caused from learning to breastfeed.

Here is where you can find big savings on your favorite herbal teas and baths that are sold in bulk quantities.
Birth Song Botanicals Children's Collection is filled with herbal products to support daily wellness, healthy sleep, cough support, immune health, and optimal digestion.
In our Family Wellness Collection you will find herbal products for everyone in your family.  It contains herbs for healthy sleep, good digestion, allergy relief, cough and cold relief, daily wellness and healing salve for bumps, scrapes and bruises.

The holidays are the perfect time to find that unique baby shower gift or the perfect gift for yourself and your own sweet baby?  We proudly offer pure, safe and effective, all natural, organic herbal products for pregnant women, breastfeeding moms and their babies and children. 

Birth Song Botanicals Menstrual Health & Fertility Collection is crafted with organic herbs to increase fertility, support menstrual health, relieve painful period cramps, and promote good sleep and daily wellness.
A collection of pure and gentle Birth Song Botanicals Products formulated uniquely for childbirth and your sweet newborn.  This collection is filled with organic herbal postpartum herb baths, afterbirth cramp relief, umbilical cord drying powder, and colic relief drops.
A collection of Birth Song Botanicals herbal products that are formulated especially to support pregnant mamas!

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