Holiday Gift Guide for New Moms

Holiday Gift Guide for New Moms

The holiday season is upon us, and big annual sales are posted everywhere you look.  And the truth be told we all know the season is not about presents, rather it's about presence.

We also know that you want to give something really special and unique to your loved ones and mom friends.  So we created a gift guide for the new mama in your life who just gave birth and her entire life is forever changed--what does she really want and need? Or maybe you're that mama and you have no idea what to ask for, because your old favorite shops just don't seem to excite you the way they did before the baby came.  Either way, we've got you covered!

Here is our list of favorite products from lovely women owned small business, that mothers will love receiving this holiday season.


Birth Art by Spirit Y Sol

I've fallen in love with her images of mothers and babies, and have shared them on social media for years.  It is an honor to collaborate with such a beautiful person and artist. She has an incredibly beautiful variety of art depicting pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding and motherhood. Any or all of her prints would help brighten up a new mama's nursing space and make her feel seen and understood.  

Click here to purchase Corazon art print by Spirit Y Sol.

 Kindred Bravely Nursing Wear

When it comes to creating soft, nursing-friendly clothing, this shop has mastered it.  Kindred Bravely offers organic cotton nursing bras as well as cozy robes and tanks. Realizing none of your wardrobe makes sense anymore in the early days of motherhood is the worst especially when you are learning to nurse your newborn and you are in the midst of the holidays--a piece or two from this shop would make a wonderful gift!

Click here to purchase Kindred Bravely Nursing Wear.

Wildbird Slings

I carried, nursed, and practically lived with my son in the sling from 0-6 months!  In my opinion, ring slings are exactly what new moms want and NEED.  Wildbird has the loveliest selection of breastfeeding-friendly baby carriers, their colors and fabrics are wonderful!  This sweet mama, much like myself, started this business out of her own home and it has grown into an impressive brand.

Click here to shop Wildbird Slings.


Studio Shepherd

For many mothers, her nursing space is also her sleeping and dreaming space.  A lovely new dreamcatcher is a thoughtful gift for the mama who may feel a bit overwhelmed by all of the hopes and dreams she has for her new babe as she nurses her to sleep. The mama behind Studio Shepherd is expecting her second child in the beginning of the new year, and all of her pieces are unique and handmade with love and spirit. A change in home decor can a fun way to reflect a big life change!

Click here to purchase macrame dreamcatcher by Studio Shepherd.


Birth Song Botanicals 
Postpartum recovery gifts

And, of course, we suggest all the herbal, baby-safe remedies for the inevitable issues new mamas face. From umbilical cord care to gassy tummies, and sore nipples, to milk supply, to unbalanced hormones in mama, this gift set has you covered and is a fantastic way to take care of yourself or the sweet mama in your life. 

Purchase Birth Song Botanicals Gift Set HERE.


We want to wish you a happy and safe holiday season.  May you bring the light and the warmth to your family and community.  Supporting each other supports us all!

Big Hugs,

Happy holidays, mamas!

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