Summer Solstice Practices

Summer Solstice Practices

To truly honor the Summer Solstice, we need to reflect on who we were during the Winter Solstice. At that time, we planted seeds of who we are becoming. In December, we honored our ancestors and went into the dark foreboding places of our lives. We explored the cold darkness- the extreme Yin. In the deep dark places, we found beauty. We found the lost parts of ourselves, our forgotten talents and abilities. We found our inner light and shared it with the world.


Now during the Summer Solstice, the time of fire, heat, and bright light- the time of extreme yang. The sun is so bright it catches us and exposes us, like a deer caught in the headlights. Or like a bright spotlight revealing our vulnerabilities and our shadows. The stark truths about the hidden parts of ourselves are revealed. They become so clear and evident that they can no longer be ignored. We are being triggered, and the ugly parts of ourselves that we pretend don't exist are flaring up in our faces.

Summer Solstice



Along with the Summer Solstice comes Father's Day, which is entirely appropriate from a Yang perspective.


I'm bringing this up because, with this Solstice, we are being faced with stark truths. Some of the truths I see right now is how patriarchy has dominated our society. This is part of what is happening right now around the world. Patriarchy and supremacy are systems. They are structures that our society is built around. Right now, we see how these systems of power have been erected to dominate and subdue the citizens. Right now, these structures are being exposed and being dismantled. Ideally, they will be rebuilt in a more inclusive and equitable way for our people, planet, and animals. For that to happen, we must be active participants in the birth and co-creation of a new humanity.


Forgiveness and Understanding 

On a personal and collective level, we are being called to forgive our fathers. It feels so good to release all the ways we may be blaming our fathers. And now, we no longer choose to be victims of the patriarchy. 


Summer Solstice



The Solstice is the time to be in our integrity. To stand up and to stand for what we believe in. 


Commitments, Investments, and Risk

Now is the time to choose. I feel this so strongly in my own life. It is the time to commit or recommit to the life and be the person you are called to be. Ask yourself what previous commitments need to be reevaluated and recommitted to or to be let go of.


This Solstice is about finances and investments. Our financial stability and our issues around money are being brought to light. 

The question I'm asking myself is, what am I investing in? What do I have to invest? What are the risks? And what are the risks if I don't invest? What will this cost me? Will it cost my time, my business, my money, my relationships, my happiness?


Summer Solstice 

It is essential to clarify your commitments, investments, and risks because, during the Solstice's bright time, we have a deeper, more comprehensive, more expanded perspective. We can get clarity on these questions. When we make commitments when we are clear, they become our guiding principles, our framework that helps us know what to do when we are unclear. When we are lost and confused, we can rely on the integrity of our commitments to guide us to our next steps.


Self-Care Tips for the Solstice

Now we have the energy and clarity from the Solstice to see and fuel our next steps and have the motivation to act on them. And we know there is a rhythm and pace to life. The moment you plant the seed, you don't have the fruit. You still need to tend to and care for your intentions. 


Harmonize with Water

Now is the time to harmonize and balance the fire energy of the Solstice with water. We are also on a new moon. The moon pulls on the ocean tides. In summer, we are traditionally out at the river and the beaches. We need vitamin D, the sea breeze, and the saltwater.


We are feeling lots of emotions! Our tears are just beneath the surface and may come bursting forth at any moment. Let them come! Let them bathe you, clear you, and recalibrate you. The tears have so much medicine and information.


Drink lots of water! Put a pinch of Himalayan or sea salt in your water. Get in the pool, and creek, and dance in summer afternoon rainstorms. Take an alchemy bath. I call it an alchemy bath because it nourishes and purifies.  


Summer Solstice 

Soothing Herb Bath

  • The Epsom salts provide minerals like magnesium.  
  • Baking soda helps detoxify the body.  
  • Rosemary helps us to remember. We are in a state of seeing our truths. We must not forget our past to heal our present. Rosemary helps us put the past pieces together so we can integrate with them.  
  • The St. John's Wort is helpful for any aches and pains we may be experiencing.  
  • The Lavender is an act of self-love and care. It helps us reach a parasympathetic state more quickly, so our physical and emotional body can heal.  
  • The Ceremonial White Sage is a sacred plant that clears our energy field and transforms the simple to the holy.  


If bathing is not possible right now, do what I've been doing. Make a small amount of the bath, dip a washcloth in it, and wash with the herbs. You can place the compress anywhere on your body to let the herbs permeate deeper.


If you are feeling overwhelmed, anxious, or really upset, let herbs comfort around you. Calm your nervous mind with Solid & Serene Herbal Support for Stress and Anxiety. Having an herbal ally to help keep you centered is essential in times of extreme energy fluctuations and times of uncertainty. 



Sun Bathe

Sunbathe, get naked. Let the morning or evening light touch your skin in places that haven't been exposed for a long time.


Manage your emotions with slow-moving Qigong.


When life gets busy, hot, and full, try something cooling and peaceful like Qigong to put you in a parasympathetic state and will help you clear your mood, manage your anger, and heal. 

To be in an alert and relaxed state, we need to focus on our breath, relax our body, and move slowly, softly, and precisely. When we coordinate our breathing with simple slow movements like in Qigong, we can free up the energy that is being blocked and needs to flow so we can experience more ease and grace.

I have a free Summer Solstice Love and Kindness Qigong practice and Ceremony. You can instantly access and experience the feelings of joy and bliss for yourself!


Summer Solstice


Self-Reflection and Vision

The Solstice is a time for visioning and looking to the horizon line. It is a good time to get clear on where you are. Where you've been and where you are going.


I'm excited to hear about how you are taking good care of yourself and what your future holds!


Happy Solstice!




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