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Yoni Steam for Lovers


Yoni Steam for Lovers

Excite, warm, and bless yourself as you prepare your body for a new lover or to reignite the passion you’ve held for that special someone all these years.

We blended aphrodisiac and sensual herbs like Damiana Leaf, Rose Petals, and Cinnamon Chips to stimulate and open your body and heart space while deepening your desire.  

Activate your pleasure and self-love with Yoni Steam for Lovers.  This steam is best enjoyed at least a day before intimacy. Please allow yourself time to integrate and fully receive the benefits of the herbs before you make love with someone.  

Ingredients: A blend of organic Damiana Leaf, Passion Flower, Lavender, Rose Petals, Plantain Leaf, and Cinnamon Bark.

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Detailed steaming instructions are included.

Yoni Steam for Lovers is intended for external use only.


**A gentle reminder that an emotional or physical release after steaming may be part of your process, so allow yourself the time to experience and move through this. Try and prepare your steam before bed, so you can lay down and rest afterward. Do not steam after possible conception or if you think you are pregnant.



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