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Yoni Steam for Postpartum and After Birth Recovery



Yoni Steam for Postpartum: Nurture Your Body Naturally After Birth

Experience the ancient practice of yoni steaming with our specially crafted Yoni Steam for Postpartum blend. Designed to support after-birth recovery, this unique herbal blend helps nurture your body and promote healing during the crucial postpartum period. Infused with the finest organic herbs, our blend provides gentle and effective care for new mothers.


Ingredients: A blend of Organic Yarrow Leaf, Uva Ursi Leaf, Shepherd's Purse Herb, Plantain Leaf, and Calendula Flowers.


The Herbs & Their Benefits:

Organic Plantain Leaf: Known for its soothing properties, Organic Plantain Leaf helps reduce inflammation and promote healing. It is particularly beneficial for soothing postpartum discomfort and aiding in tissue repair.

Organic Yarrow: Yarrow is renowned for its ability to stop bleeding and support wound healing. This herb helps to restore balance and promote recovery after childbirth, making it an essential part of our postpartum blend.

Organic Shepherd’s Purse: Shepherd’s Purse is traditionally used to manage postpartum bleeding. Its astringent properties help tone the uterine muscles and reduce excessive bleeding, supporting a healthy and speedy recovery.

Organic Uva Ursi: Uva Ursi is known for its urinary tract benefits, helping to prevent and treat postpartum infections. It supports bladder health and aids in cleansing the urinary system, promoting overall well-being.

Organic Calendula Flowers: Calendula Flowers are celebrated for their skin-healing and anti-inflammatory properties. They soothe irritated tissue, promote healing, and provide a gentle, calming effect, making them perfect for postpartum care.


Why Choose Yoni Steam for Postpartum?

  • Promotes Healing: Our herbal blend supports tissue repair and reduces inflammation, aiding in the recovery process after childbirth.
  • Manages Postpartum Bleeding: Ingredients like Organic Yarrow and Shepherd’s Purse help manage postpartum bleeding and promote uterine health.
  • Prevents Infections: Organic Uva Ursi helps prevent urinary tract infections, ensuring a healthy postpartum period.
  • Soothes and Calms: Organic Calendula Flowers and Plantain Leaf provide soothing relief to bruised and swollen perineal tissues and promotes wholebody relaxation.
  • High-Quality Organic Ingredients: We use only the finest organic herbs, ensuring you receive the purest and most effective care.


Why do a Yoni Steam Instead of an Postpartum Herbal Bath? Both are amazing experiences. 

  • Resources- Not everyone has access to a nice clean bath tub and hot water.
  • Tradition- Many traditional cultures in Latin America do herbal steams instead of baths.
  • Economical- One package makes 3 Yoni steam vs one package makes one herbal bath.

Before yoni steaming discuss your current health status with your care provider.

Considerations and Possible Contraindications: 

  • Recent Birth: Avoid yoni steaming within the first days after giving birth unless you are attended by a support person like a midwife, doula or mindful partner. Because you may get over heated and feel dizzy or faint. It is generally recommended to wait at least six weeks if you are doing it by yourself.


  • Open Wounds or Infections: Do not use yoni steaming if you have open wounds, stitches, or active infections in the vaginal area.


  • Heavy Bleeding: If you are experiencing heavy postpartum bleeding, it is advisable to avoid yoni steaming until the bleeding subsides and you have consulted with your healthcare provider.


  • Pregnancy: Yoni steaming is not recommended during pregnancy.


Learn more about Yoni Steams: The Sacred Origin, How to Steam, & Choosing Your Herbs.

Complete steaming instructions are included.

Yoni Steam for Postpartum is intended for external use only.

**A gentle reminder that an emotional or physical release after steaming may be part of your process, so allow yourself the time to experience and move through this. Prepare your steam before bed, so you can lay down, to rest and integrate afterward. 



Embrace Postpartum Healing Naturally

Our Yoni Steam for Postpartum is more than just a product; it’s a nurturing ritual designed to support your body’s natural healing process after childbirth. With the power of organic herbs, this blend provides gentle yet effective care, helping you to feel rejuvenated and balanced. Embrace the ancient wisdom of yoni steaming and give your body the care it deserves with our thoughtfully crafted postpartum blend.


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