Herbs for Pregnancy and Breastfeeding Ebook

You're on one of the greatest journeys of your life.  Pregnancy, birth, postpartum, breastfeeding and parenting are deeply important and transformative. This transformation not only changes the lives of the parents, but also, the community as a whole. 



Every great adventure needs a good guide, one thing I've learned as a midwife, serving hundreds of families, is that if you're wanting a certain type of pregnancy and birth experience, then you need to surround yourself with support that is in alignment with your core values about birth and parenting. 

We at Birth Song Botanicals want to support you as you grow your sweet baby, plan for your birth, and learn to breastfeed.  Your baby will be here before you know it and you have a lot of decisions to make. Let your next wise decision be to read our Ultimate Pregnancy & Breastfeeding Guides and The Journey Through Motherhood Ebook. That way you'll know what to do when you feel nauseas, can't sleep, feel exhausted, constipated, swollen and sore.  Read this short ebook and listen to the meditations while you're preparing for, going through, and recovering from birth and while learning how to take care of yourself and a newborn.


In this ebook, you'll learn about several beneficial herbs, and how to work with them safely though out pregnancy, postpartum and breastfeeding. You'll be equipped with botanical strategies for addressing the most pervasive and common discomforts that most women experience in their childbearing years.  Plus, as mentioned earlier,  there are 3 guided meditations sprinkled through out the book for you to stop and connect with your birth wisdom.  Be sure to take a moment and listen to them and connect deeply to your body, baby, and birth! 


Remember, you are not alone in this.  You are a member of the legacy of women who have given birth since the dawn of human kind.  On the day you give birth 300,000 other women will be birthing at the same time!  This is important to remember, especially when we feel alone and it seems like no one understands.