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Postpartum Herbal Bath Soak for Mom and Baby


Women and babies who bathe in the herbs report a deep sense of satisfaction with the speed of postpartum recovery time and relief of pain and discomfort.  Postpartum Herb Bath soothes sore perineal muscles and hemorrhoids, slows bleeding, minimizes swelling, and helps dry the newborn’s umbilical cord. All while creating a relaxing and restoring bonding experience between mom and baby!

I call this your, "victory bath"!  You made it all the way through to the other side of pregnancy into motherhood.  Now you and your sweet baby can soak, restore and connect with each other.  I am so proud of you!  Allow the herbs and this bath experience to hold you and support this amazing time of your life.


Suggested Use. For optimal results, take 3-5 Postpartum Herbal Baths during your first week postpartum, or as soon after birth as possible.


Ingredients: Sea Salt, Organic Plantain Leaf, Organic Yarrow, Organic Shepherd’s Purse, Organic Uva Ursi, and Organic Calendula Flowers.

Serving size: 1 bath Servings per container: 1 full bath or 2-3 sitz baths

8 ounces net weight.

External Use Only

Complete instructions and a reusable cotton cloth bag are included.


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