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Deluxe Self Care Gift Set for Women

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Enjoy our Deluxe Self Care Gift Set for Women!  And allow yourself the opportunity to remember and restore your feminine power with warm herbal teas, hot baths, and nourishing tinctures.  Let the herbs empower and enhance your wholeness.  Let them show you how to connect you with your menstrual cycle and sink into your deeper wiser self to enjoy moments of relaxation, grace, and surrender. 


Allow yourself to fully receive the gifts of your body.


We created the Deluxe Self Care Gift Set for Women who are in the process of connecting with their female bodies and monthly cycles.

Knowing that uterine health is the key to your feminine power, fertility, creativity reminds us as women, we long to be deeply nourished, bathed, comforted, held, to understand, and to be understood as we navigate our lives.


Being powerful is not being perfect.  Yes, there are days when you need more energy than you think you have.  There are other days when you need to find your center, again, and again.  Sometimes you're feeling painful period cramps and such strong emotions that you don't know what to do with.


These are the days we are here for you most.


These are the days you drink your tea, light your candle, journal, and cry in the bathtub.  And somehow you find the strength to emerge more like your self and you remember herbs are your allies and they are here to support you in every season of your life.

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The Deluxe Self Care Gift Set for Women Includes:

  • WOMAN'S BALANCE 4 oz. LOOSE LEAF TEA: Blended with adaptogenic, immune-boosting, and deeply nourishing herbs that support a strong immune system, graceful moods, balanced hormones and an overall feeling of wellness.
  • SOOTHING HERBAL BATH: A relaxing and restorative experience, baths are a genuine display of self-love. Offering relief from aches and pains, whether they be within the body, the mind or spirit.
  • CYCLE RELIEF: Soothes painful period cramping, this herbal tincture offers support during your most sensitive and emotionally challenging time of the month.
  • MENSTRUAL HARMONY: Helps regulate the menstrual cycle. With continued use, you may experience less painful and more regular periods. 
  • ENERGIZING CHLOROPHYLL: Chlorophyll helps oxygenate our bodies by increasing the red blood cell count and hemoglobin levels, thus reducing anemia and improving iron levels.  When our bodies are well oxygenated we feel more energy, less fatigue, think more clearly, our mood improves, and immune functions increase.
  • SOLID & SERENE: Promotes a sense of calm without feeling sedated or groggy. Shed your feelings of worry and doubt, ease your nervous heart, and quite a busy mind on days that you find yourself feeling overwhelmed and searching for peace. 



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