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Women's Herbal Stress Relief Gift Set

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At every stage of life, we have to learn to be the captain of our own ship.  We have to navigate the open waters of our lives.  We are not in control of the water, the current, or the obstacles.  We are in control of how we steer our ship when we drop our anchor and raise our sails.  We are in control of asking for support for our journey.  Woman's Herbal Stress Relief Gift Set is here to support you as you navigate the ups and downs of your life.


Our Herbal Stress Relief Gift Set is bundled with deeply restorative herbal baths, teas, and tinctures to support you to get good quality sleep.  Soak away your physical and emotional aches and pains while drinking an herbal tea that balances and harmonizes your hormones and feeds your bones. You feel it in your bones when you are depleted and overwhelmed.  

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The Women's Herbal Stress Relief Gift Set Includes: 

WOMAN'S BALANCE 4OZ LOOSE LEAF TEA: Woman’s Balance is a wonderful nourishing herbal synthesis that enhances a woman’s ability to balance her modern life. Blended with adaptogenic, immune-boosting, and deeply nourishing herbs that support a strong immune system, graceful moods, and an overall feeling of wellness.

SOOTHING HERBAL PAIN RELIEF BATH: Enjoy Soothing Herb Bath after a massage, as a foot soak, or a full-body bath. Sink deep into relaxation with this herbal blend of White Sage, Lavender, Rosemary, and St. John's Wart and release the tensions of a stressful day.

GOOD NIGHT HERBAL SLEEP AID:  A natural, non-habit forming herbal sleep aid, that supports a deeply relaxing night of sleep. Wonderful for insomnia, especially insomnia associated with pregnancy.

Solid & Serene promotes a sense of calm without feeling sedated or groggy. Shed your feelings of worry and doubt, ease your nervous heart, and quiet a busy mind on days that you find yourself feeling overwhelmed and searching for peace. 


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