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Weaning Time Herbal Breastfeeding Tea 3 oz.


Weaning Time Herbal Breastfeeding Tea is blended with astringent herbs to help reduce breastmilk production, dry up milk, reduce breast pain from engorgement, and facilitate weaning.


When you are ready to stop breastfeeding and start weaning sometimes the milk lingers. Specific herbs can help dry up the rest of your milk. Weaning Time Tea is great at drying up the extra milk that you don't need anymore.  


Remember if you want to dry up your milk, you have to be very mindful to reduce nipple and breast stimulation.  It is recommended to bind your breasts to keep them from moving around and getting touched.


Read this blog post I wrote to support your weaning journey. 


Suggested Use: Drink 1- 3 cups of Weaning Time Tea daily to start the weaning process.  Plan on drinking this tea for 2-4 weeks.

Herbal ingredients:  Organic Mullein, Organic Sage, Organic Yarrow, Organic Peppermint.

Serving size: 1 Tbsp.

Servings per container: 30-45

Complete brewing instructions included

% Daily Value is not established

3 oz. Net Weight

Loose Leaf 


Weaning Time Tea does not contain any milk, dairy, soy, egg, fish, shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat, or gluten.

*This tea is not intended for pregnancy*


Let me tell you a little bit more about Weaning Time Tea:  

It tastes really good and has the added benefit of drying up phlegm and lung congestion from chest colds. So, if you still have some tea leftover from your weaning process, store it in your herb cabinet to drink when you have your next chest cold.


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