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Herbal Menstrual Health Gift Set for Women, Teens and Perimenopause

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Our Herbal Menstrual Health Herbal Gift Set is designed for the days when all you want to do is drink tea and just be with yourself.

Being a modern and capable woman is a full-time job. And we're here to support you in your greatness during your most sensitive time of the month. These herbal remedies are supportive and nourishing when you have painful cramps, body aches, and strong emotions. Take time with yourself and give your body the rest and care that it needs.  



Our Herbal Menstrual Health Gift Set for Women, Teens, and Perimenopause Includes: 

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WOMAN'S BALANCE 4OZ LOOSE LEAF TEA: An herbal tea that supports your balance, health, and mood. Made with nourishing herbs to strengthen your bones, blood, and immune system as you move through your monthly cycle, helping you experience less stress and discomfort.


CYCLE RELIEF HERBAL TINCTURE: Honor your menstruation, relieve painful period cramps, and uplift your mood. 

SOLID & SERENE HERBAL TINCTURE: Solid & Serene promotes a sense of calm without feeling sedated or groggy. Shed your feelings of worry and doubt, ease your nervous heart, and quiet a busy mind on days that you find yourself feeling overwhelmed and searching for peace. 




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