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  • The Benefits of Using Herbal Remedies for Children
  • Maria Chowdhury

The Benefits of Using Herbal Remedies for Children

The Benefits of Using Herbal Remedies for Children

Communities and cultures across the globe have used herbal medicine to treat illness for more than a millennia. Long before corporations took over the healthcare industry and turned it into a profit-driven machine, people were healing themselves with what the earth provided. From turning echinacea flowers into cold-fighting tea to using valerian root to get a good night’s sleep – there is little that can’t be helped by natural medicine. So, how can herbal remedies for children help your little one stay healthy? Find out below.

General Herbal Benefits

There is no shortage of the benefits of herbal remedies for children. Ginger, for example, is known to help ease children’s upset stomachs. We’ll explore these benefits in detail in just a minute. First, let’s take a look at some of the general benefits you can expect. These include things like:

  • Natural and holistic wellness
  • No need for a prescription
  • Fewer side effects
  • Cost-effective 

Respiratory and Immune System Benefits

Herbal remedies can help with respiratory and immune system health in children in some interesting ways. There are a lot of flowers, roots, herbs, and berries that help, including:

  • Elderberry – This can reduce upper respiratory infection, as well as decreasing inflammation more generally.
  • Wild Cherry Bark – This will cleanse the respiratory system, as well as relaxing smooth muscle tissue and easing cramping.
  • Oregon Grape Root – This can help protect from respiratory infection, as well as treating gastroesophageal reflux disease and other upset stomach issues.
  • Thyme Leaf – This is a wonder herb, which promotes respiratory and immune system health in a lot of ways. It can relieve asthma, cold, bronchitis, and allergy symptoms.
  • Rose Hips Fruit – This is a great source of vitamin C, which generally strengthens and protects the immune system.

herbal remedies

Sleep Benefits

Herbal remedies for children offer a number of unique and powerful sleep benefits. These include:

  • Chamomile – This herb doesn’t just help promote sleep, it also decreases anxiety, reduces inflammation, and is a powerful antioxidant.
  • Catnip – Cats love catnip for a reason! It helps creatures of all kinds sleep better and more restfully, as well as soothing muscles and calming upset stomach and colic.
  • Passionflower – This helps increase your brain’s natural levels of GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid), which results in relaxation and reduced insomnia.
  • Valerian Root – One of the most famous organic sleep aids, valerian root helps children fall asleep faster and sleep better.   

Upset Stomach Benefits

Herbal remedies for children don’t only offer immune system and sleep benefits. They’re also great for soothing upset stomachs in children and adults alike. Some of the more pronounced benefits include:

  • Fennel Seed – This helps aid digestion, reduce bloating, gas, and cramping, and generally relax your child’s stomach muscles.
  • Peppermint Leaf – Peppermint will reduce bloating and gas, as well as helping reduce diarrhea and upper gastrointestinal cramps.
  • Ginger Root – Ginger, much like thyme, is an all-around wonder herb. It promotes healthy digestion and increases saliva, but it can also do so much more.
Now that you know the benefits of using herbal remedies for children, take a look at our entire range organic, all-natural supplements. All Birth Song Botanicals tinctures are specially designed to help you and your little one feel your best using only what Mother Earth provides!
  • Maria Chowdhury

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