Herbal Earache Remedies- Video Series

Herbal Earache Remedies- Video Series

Earaches are the worst!  As a child, I suffered from ear pain.  I had three major ear surgeries before the 2nd grade.  Later I got tubes in my ears.  Every time I swim I need ear plugs.  I'm saying all this because I know first hand how painful earaches can be.  As we get deeper in to the cold weather season it is more likely that you or your child will get an ear infection.


I created a 4 part video series about earaches so you can confidently know what to do the next time one pops up.  You can watch video 1 with all the information or you can break it down into the sections you care most about. 


 Video 1

This first video is the main video that covers all the information about earache remedies:

  • What is an earache
  • Different types of earaches
  • How to treat earaches with herbs
  • Best herbs for earaches

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Earache remedies herbal drops


Video 2

Covers focuses more on the symptoms, evaluation, and treatment of earaches with herbs.

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Video 3

In this video, I give instructions for application, as well as, the benefits of the herbs and other earache remedies. 


I also discuss why, how, and who we make Earache Relief Oil for. Adults get earaches and  so to millions of young children. We had to make an herbal remedy to help soothe the pain, fight the infection, and clear out the congestion causing the irritation. We blended Garlic, Mullein, and other herbs to create an effective and relieving ear oil made for children and adults for both acute and chronic earaches. 


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Video 4

In this video I teach about Mullein the primary herb for both lung and ear infections.


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We blend the soft fluffy leaves of Mullein into our Lung Support Tea.  Mullein's expectorant qualities make coughs more productive.  


Lung Support Herbal Tea for earache remedies



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***This is for educational purposes. I am not a doctor. What you choose to do with this information is your responsibility.  I do not intend to treat diagnose or cure any disease.

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