Treat a Sunburn Naturally

Treat a Sunburn Naturally

Oh the wonderful warming rays of sunshine!  Here in Arkansas we have had such interesting weather this spring.  It is June now and my guess is that the sun is here to stay for the next several months. The warmth of sun is healing and restorative in so many ways. It is vital for life, filling us with vitamin D unmatched in any food.  But as you know too much of a good thing is sometimes just too much. We have all experienced the tight sting of a sunburn. That is why to day I'm sharing with you my sunburn remedies that I keep close at hand all summer long.

Keep Your Sunburn Remedies Close at Hand

When the inevitable happens and a summer day ends with sunkissed cheeks – or, worse, uncomfortable sunburns, have a remedy on hand! In our house we use Cesarean Recovery Spray.  I think one day I'll re brand it and call it "herbal burn spray" because it works so well on all types of burns as well as cuts and bites.  It cools the sting, keeps it hydrated and prevents it from getting infected.  Another great attribute about the spray is that you don't have to touch the burn and rub anything into the already tender skin.

sun burn

Once the heat is out of the burn then we apply Healing Salve to help repair the damaged skin. Healing Salve is full of anti-inflammatory and astringent herbs that can help speed the healing process along, reducing pain, redness, and puffiness. It’s also nourishing for dry, peeling skin in the last stages of healing.

Herbal Salve

Aloe vera gel is another great quick, single-ingredient sun burn remedy. It’s wonderfully soothing and helps to relieve sunburn discomfort while the skin heals. You can use the gel right from the plant, or purchase the gel in containers.  If you keep the Aloe gel in the fridge or cooler it will feel even better on that hot tender skin.

Seriously, If you want a good sunburn remedy to sooth the pain, reduce inflammation, and moisten skin that will eventually dry out and peel.  Then try those three products!


Why Do Sunburns Hurt?

A sunburn is the result of overexposure to the sun’s UV rays.  Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin.  Too much of it stored in the body and become toxic and the UV rays are toxic in general. So our bodies produce melanin in the skin to fill the skin cells and act as a protective barrier. This is what creates that golden tan in summer skin, and it’s why fair-skinned people who don't have lots of melanin get sunburned faster than darker complexions.

Even though we all love our tans, the body is still telling us that we’ve been exposed to too much sun. When melanin can’t keep up, we get sunburns. The skin can turn red, from a shade of pink to deep red depending on the severity. It’s tender to painful, and can even blister. A sunburn can even reach 2nd degree levels.  Over a lifetime of the skin absorbing the rays, risks for skin cancer and aging damage increase.


Avoid the Burn

Try to avoid sunburns even if you have dark skin. You can get all the of the benefits by being out in the sun while using a natural safe sunblock without risking skin damage.  Wearing sun hats and sleeves are a first defense. You can also choose rash guards over swimsuits for better protection.

In cooler spring and fall days, light long sleeves and broad brimmed hats are a good choice for the whole family. 

When you do rely on sunblock, you have to remember to apply it over all of the exposed skin, and reapply as necessary. Check your sunblock labels closely, as well, to make sure you aren’t risking your family’s health in other ways. Many of the sunblock products on the market contain hormone disrupters and other major health risks. This is a helpful guide to ingredients to watch out for, from the Environmental Working Group.

Use caution with DIY sunblock, as well. An ineffective sunblock can leave you and your little ones vulnerable to painful burns and dangerous UV rays. There are safe sunblock options out there for purchase, which will help moms with burnout have one less thing on their plate.