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Herbal Cold and Flu Recovery Kit

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Herbal Cold and Flu Recovery Kit conveniently has everything you need to be prepared for the next cold or flu. Be ready, have the herbal products you need on hand before you get sick! 

Illness catches us off guard and there's nothing worse than being sick and not having easy access to your herbal remedies at a moment's notice.  Let us help you stock your herbal medicine chest so you can have what you need on hand.  The next time someone has a cold or flu this season you'll be ready!


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 When you have a cold or the flu your whole body hurts.  Getting in our Cold and Flu Herb Bath may help with the physical pain and aromatic herbs may clear up the lung congestion so you can rest better.  If you can rest comfortably, then your body can do what it needs to do so you can get better, faster!  

ELDERBERRY COMPLEXElderberry is known around the world as one of the top herbal antivirals. Our Elderberry Complex Tincture is naturally effective for respiratory distress, nasal and lung congestion, sinusitis, allergies, inflammation, and cold and flu symptoms. Elderberry is also known to be safe for small children, pregnant and breastfeeding women and our gentle elders.


Earaches are the worst!  They hurt so bad.  Sometimes the pain is just in the ear and other times it radiates down the neck.  You need relief fast, so reach for Earache oil and start to feel yourself again.

IMMUNE TEA: Enhances and supports your body's natural immune system. Safe for pregnant and breastfeeding moms, drink deep, and restore. 

ROOTS AND FRUITS: Fruity and slightly sweet, this blend is an excellent way to boost immunity, strengthen the adrenals, and ward off bad bugs. Nutritive and moistening to the lungs. Prepare as a Tea or Decoction.



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