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Newborn Gift Set For All Natural Moms

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Your sweet baby is finally here! Your heart is filled with so much love and care.  We bundled Newborn Gift Set For All Natural Moms with gentle, pure herbal products for your new baby and for your Postpartum recovery in mind. Enjoy your postpartum victory bath with your new baby and let these herbs begin aiding in your recovery and bonding experience. 

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This makes a great unisex baby shower gift!


The Newborn Gift Set For All Natural Moms Includes:

POSTPARTUM HERB BATH: Postpartum Herb Bath soothes sore perineal muscles and hemorrhoids, slows bleeding, minimizes swelling, and helps dry the newborn’s umbilical cord. All while creating a relaxing and restoring bonding experience between mom and baby!

HERBAL CORD CARE POWDER: Herbal Cord Care Powder expedites the umbilical cord’s natural drying process, helping it dry out and fall off fast! It is also a great organic herbal first aid powder!

STOMACH SOOTHER WITH GINGER: This newborn colic remedy is a relief to new moms with fussy colicky babies!  No one likes seeing a newborn cry with gas pains. Digestive herbs help.


Your precious baby is the sweetest, softest, most beautiful being that you have ever known.  You only want the best for them. We do too!  Our Herbal Diaper Salve effectively addresses diaper rash, protects the skin against flare-ups, and is cloth diaper safe.  We infuse olive oil, with our proprietary herbal blend of antifungal, and antibacterial herbs that are soothing to thrush, common diaper rashes, scrapes, burns, skin blemishes, and bug bites.



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