Herbal Gift Sets for Women and Children

Unique and Organic Herbal Gift Sets for Women and Children!       25% Off!!


Our Herbal Gift Sets are bundled together with the whole woman in mind.  Our herb bundles span from fertility, menstruation, pregnancy, birth, postpartum recovery, cesarean birth recovery, grief and loss, immune health, stress relief,  and children's wellness.

We have more herbal gift sets for women and children then ever before.

If you are looking for a special baby shower gift for the naturally minded mom then we've got you covered.  We offer several gift sets to meet unique birth and postpartum recovery needs.  We understand that not all pregnancies and births are the same.  So we've bundled several different gift sets for you to choose from.  

Remember our commitment to quality is above and beyond the standards because we care about you, your family and the planet. Our products are natural, safe, delicious and effective. They are gluten free, pesticide free, free of anything artificial, made with food grade ingredients, GMP certified and beautiful!  It is our hope that our Birth Song Botanicals products become a part of your daily life, they make great gifts for yourself, family members, and your best friends. 


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