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Children's Elderberry Respiratory Support Tincture


Children's Respiratory Support Herbal Tincture supports children's respiratory and immune systems when they are congested and coughing — comprised of natural, organic, safe herbs for kids, such as Elderberry, Wild Cherry Bark, and Thyme.


Children Respiratory Support herbal tincture is my go-to remedy for coughs, colds, and congestion, especially when combined with Children’s Healing Herbal Bath.


Children LOVE the sweet taste, so it is easy to give to them! 

Intended for children 6 months and older.


Children's Respiratory Support Suggested Use: Take 1 drop per 5 pounds of body weight, 1-5 times a day as needed.


Proprietary Blend Ingredients: Organic Elderberry Fruit, Organic Wild Cherry Bark, Organic Oregon Grape Root, Organic Thyme Leaf, Organic Rose Hips Fruit, Vegetable Glycerine, and Deionized Water. 

Serving size: 1-20 drops

Servings per container: 30-100

1 Ounce / 30 mL

Herb Strength Ratio: 1:2.2

Daily Value (450mg/ml)


Children's Respiratory Support does not contain any milk, dairy, soy, egg, fish, shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat, or gluten.



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Our Tincture Making Process:


Our herbal tinctures are saturated with medicinally active compounds extracted from the highest quality herbs. We extract in alcohol first and then remove the alcohol with heat and replace it with glycerin. Some of the alcohol-soluble components will be less soluble in glycerine and will settle over time. These liquids leave our facility potent, filtered, and free of particulate matter. In a short period, it is natural to see precipitation or an accumulation of these active compounds on the dropper or in the liquid. This is a natural occurrence and a good sign of a potent liquid. These are therapeutically active components of the product. Simply shake well and include this part of the supplement when taking a dose and expediting your path to health.


Produced at Birth Song Midwifery 862 N. Cato Springs Rd. Fayetteville, AR 72701


The Food and Drug Administration has not evaluated these statements. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Herbs and herbal medicine have been used effectively for centuries, all over the world. However, herbs are not regulated by the FDA. Consult a trusted health practitioner before using these products if you have any serious medical conditions or are taking any medications.

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