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  • LESSON 6- Earaches
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LESSON 6- Earaches

LESSON 6- Earaches
Earaches hurt so bad! Children under 4 years old have frequent earaches because their ear canals are not completely formed yet and cannot completely drain. So, when they get congested or have a head cold, the mucus becomes trapped in their ear canals. The moisture and mucus begins to grow bacteria and an infection can quickly take hold.

I know from personal experience just how serious ear infections can be. As a child, I suffered from multiple painful infections, countless visits to the ear doctor, antibiotics, and surgeries. I have permanent hearing loss as a result. If ear infections are mistreated or taken lightly, they can spiral out of control and leave long-term damage.

About half of ear infections in the U.S. are caused by bacteria and the other half are attributed to viruses and allergies. Antibiotic treatment can be helpful for acute bacterial infections. Having said that, something to keep in mind about antibiotics (anti-life) is that they can eliminate the beneficial bacteria as well, resulting in a greater depression of the body’s ability to fight off infections. Oftentimes, children experience multiple recurring earaches. The overuse of antibiotics perpetuates the creation of antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Choosing natural remedies for common illnesses instead of antibiotics is actually better for both your child’s health and global health. Antibiotic-resistant bacteria is a serious global health issue.

Earaches: What to Look For

When you notice the first signs of an earache, begin your wellness plan right away. Be on the lookout for coughs, colds, congestion, runny nose, fever, and excessive pulling or rubbing of the earlobes, accompanied by irritability and fussiness. When an ear infection has taken hold, your child will let you know by awakening in the middle of the night, crying, and pulling on her ears. It is moments like these that you need to have your remedies on hand.

An essential piece of your wellness plan is avoiding all potential allergens and mucus-causing foods, such as wheat, dairy, eggs, orange juice, sugar, and processed foods.

Giving probiotics several times daily is helpful. It is imperative that your child stay hydrated. Along with giving the ear oil (recipe below), you can offer a decongesting tea and vapor rub, and apply warm, dry heat to comfort the ear. An Echinacea and Oregon Grape Root tincture such my Children’s Immune Boost can also be helpful. 

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Immune Boost

 Children appear to recover quickly. In the day they may want to get out and play, but in the night they are up crying in pain. It is our job as parents to create a healing environment in our homes. If you do not want your child to relapse, consider keeping him at home where he can play but not overdo it. Sick kids need their rest. If you must get out of the house, don’t let your child out in the cold, windy air without a hat or ear muffs to keep her ears covered and warm.

Make Your Own Herbal Ear Oil

Herbal Ear Oil

* This information is for educational purposes only.  This is not intended to treat, diagnose, or cure any illness or disease.  If you are concerned about your child's health seek medical care. 

  • Maria Chowdhury
  • Ear AchesHerbal Ear OilMullein

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