The Ultimate Natural Pregnancy Guide

The Ultimate Natural Pregnancy Guide

Being pregnant, whether for the first time or for a number of times, is a special and unique experience for each and every woman.  Serving hundreds of families as a midwife and herbalist has shaped me and shown me a thing or two about common pregnancy experiences that women go through.  I have created the Ultimate Natural Pregnancy Guide to help you embrace your pregnancy and prepare for your birth.

In this guide, you will find several articles about choosing the right care provider and planning your birth. You will also find articles about celebrating your pregnancy as a rite of passage, as well as facing some uncomfortable feelings that come along with being pregnant.  

Every client of mine, past and present, knows I am going to ask about what they are eating, how they are sleeping, and what they are doing to keep fit and healthy.  There are several articles here to help you stay active, well nourished, and vibrant in pregnancy.

Many of my clients have experienced really gratifying births. I find myself reminding them that they didn't just get lucky, they got realistically prepared for the realities of birth. So in order for you to be prepared for your birth, no matter how it unfolds, I  have also included several articles about what happens when you go over your due date and what you need to have on hand for your postpartum recovery.

In addition to The Ultimate Natural Pregnancy Guide, I am putting together The Ultimate Natural Postpartum and Newborn Guide and The Ultimate Natural Breastfeeding Guide, so stay tuned!

In the meantime, brew yourself a cup of Lady In Waiting Pregnancy Tea and start reading and empowering yourself to be prepared for your birth, because your baby will be here before you know it!

The Ultimate Natural Pregnancy Guide

Pregnancy Planning

Being an active planner and participant in your pregnancy is essential if you want a birth that you feel really good about. Knowing your options and what to expect will help ease lots of unnecessary stress.

Your first meeting with your potential midwife or doctor is an important one.  I want you to be prepared with a thoughtful list of intelligent questions about their practice, and what to realistically expect through out your pregnancy and birth and birth experience.

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50 questions to ask your midwife or doctor

For those of you who are choosing to have a midwife at your birth, I created a home birth birth plan for you to have a frame work for writing a practical birth plan for a home delivery. In this template, I discuss everything from water birth to hospital transports so that you can be prepared for all situations.

Click here to download your home birth birth plan template

Home Birth Birth Plan

Being pregnant is a time of celebration and connecting with family and friends. Baby showers are a great way to get all the baby gear that you could ever need. A blessingway is different.  A blessingway is a wonderful opportunity to honor the transformation that a woman goes through to become a mother. Blessingways are soulful and feminine and wholesome.  They celebrate motherhood and women.

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Blessing Way Ceremony

As much as pregnancy can be a wonderful time pregnancy can also spark this little thing called "Mom Guilt." How are you going to love this new baby like you love your other child?  How are you going to be able to take care of a newborn when you are already taking care of other children?  How?!?

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mom guilt

Pregnancy Discomforts

A woman's body goes through immense growth and change when she is pregnant. Some of it is lovely, and some of it is uncomfortable. The most common pregnancy complaint is being tired and worn out. Pregnant women can have a hard time getting enough sleep to feel rested the next day.

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Pregnancy Sleep Guide

If morning sickness would just happen in the morning maybe it wouldn't be so bad. Of course we know that it can happen any time of the day and can last for several weeks.

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Morning sickness relief

Digestive issues go beyond morning sickness. Digestive issues enter into the realm of heart burn, nausea and irritable bowel.

Click here to read about how to find relief from common pregnancy digestive issues.

Pregnancy Digestive Issues

Feeling tired, having sore hips and back, feeling restless and uncomfortable with carpel tunnel, and morning sickness oh my! 

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pregnancy discomfort

Pregnancy Nutrition & Fitness 

Being diligent and mindful about you nourish yourself and how you move your pregnant body will help you feel good in your skin. The healthier you are the better you feel. The better you feel, the better you birth, and the better you birth, the better you mother.

Organic herbal pregnancy tea is a wonderful way to get absorbable vitamins and minerals that you need to prepare your uterus for birth.  Pregnancy tea can be helpful with reducing swelling, relives morning sickness, improves iron levels, eases bowel movements and prepares your body for birth and breastfeeding.

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herbal pregnancy tea

Pregnancy nutrition is the foundation to a healthy pregnancy. Getting enough calcium, iron and protein in your daily diet will help you grow a healthy vibrant baby that is just the right size to push out.

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Pregnancy Nutrition

Yoga is the union of the body and the mind.  As a midwife, one of my primary jobs is to help pregnant women connect with their bodies. Yoga, breath, and exercise are all great ways to connect to your growing and changing body.

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Pregnancy Fitness

Staying fit or getting fit in pregnancy takes a lot of creativity and commitment. Sometimes we need gentle reminders and encouragement to take that walk or to roll out the yoga mat.

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Healthy Fit Pregnancy


At the end of your pregnancy, you might find yourself in an awkward situation where a part of you feels ready for the baby to be here so you can see her and hold her, while another part of you might feel like you have so much to do and you don't feel ready to give birth right away. Not to mention you might be getting pressure from your loved ones and care providers to hurry up and have this baby already!

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This next article is for you when you are past your due date, you trust the process of natural birth, and you don't want to force anything. Still, you want to make gentle proactive steps to help prepare your body for birth so you can go into labor naturally.

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Induce labor naturally 

A huge part of a satisfying birth is to know what to expect, and being prepared for what happens to your body during labor and after birth. Having what you need on hand for perineal care before you give birth will save you from some unnecessary pain after you push your baby out.

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Perineal care 

We all know that sometimes a natural birth or even a vaginal birth is not recommended for everyone. This next article is for you if you find yourself having a scheduled Cesarean Birth and you still want a peaceful and empowering experience.

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Herbal Products Natural Moms Love

Being pregnant, breastfeeding, and raising young children is a time for gentleness, purity, organic, and safe herbal remedies.  It is a time when we choose only the highest quality for our bodies and our babies.

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