3 Benefits of Herbal Pregnancy Tea to Help Prepare You for Birth

3 Benefits of Herbal Pregnancy Tea to Help Prepare You for Birth

Hydration is vital during pregnancy, when your blood volume is increased, your womb is filled with fluid, and you’re pumping nutrients through a body that has stretched and grown to accommodate a growing little one. You also need more nutrients, feeding your baby and replenishing your own nutrition stores. Pregnancy tea is one of my favorite ways to accomplish both goals with one yummy drink.


1. Staying Hydrated in Pregnancy

Dehydration and even under-hydration in pregnancy is about more than feeling thirsty. When you aren’t hydrated enough, you might experience headaches, an ill feeling, low energy or over-heating. It may also turn up in more serious issues like low amniotic fluid and prodromal labor, even early labor.

While most of your hydration should come from water alone, an herbal tea is simply water infused with an herb and can contribute to your daily intake. Be sure to choose herbs and herbal teas from reputable sources so that you can be confident in their safety and benefits. And remember that, while herbs chosen for pregnancy tea should be safe for pregnancy, they also must be taken in proper amounts. In other words: drink mostly water as well as enjoying your pregnancy tea.

I recommend a pre-made herbal pregnancy tea such as Lady in Waiting, carefully formulated, sourced, and labeled for you to simply enjoy.


pregnancy tea popsicles for labor


2.  Getting Nutrients When You’re Feeling Sick

Another wonderful benefit of a pregnancy tea is that it’s palatable and easy to enjoy, even when you’re not feeling your greatest. A soft mint added to the tea helps to soothe the stomach and cleanse your uncooperative palate. The hydration and nutrients can often help to get you by until the crackers stay down.

If you’re really not feeling well, freezing a pregnancy tea into popsicles is a great way to enjoy it when nothing else seems to work. Add a bit of fruit juice for sweetening, and you’ve got a delicious popsicles with loads of nutrients and herbal benefits.


3.  Preparing for Birth 

Popsicles made from pregnancy tea are great to have on hand during labor, as well. They make a soothing, cool companion when labor gets tough and you aren’t feeling like drinking more water.

Aside from being refreshing during labor, pregnancy tea can help to prepare your body for the birth itself through the nutritive, tonic actions of the herbs.


pregnancy tea


Herbs for Pregnancy Tea

I’ve put my favorite herbs for pregnancy together into my Lady in Waiting tea, but here I’ll highlight a few so that you can appreciate it as much as I do.

  • Red raspberry leaf. A longstanding women’s health herb, red raspberry leaf acts as a uterine tonic to help tone and strengthen the uterus, which may help contractions to be more efficient.
  • Peppermint. Soothing to the digestive tract, peppermint can make a pregnancy tea more enjoyable when battling morning sickness or indigestion.
  • Nettle leaf. Incredibly nutritive, nettles can help with low iron, among other nutritional stores, and in my opinion, is a vital part of any good pregnancy tea.

Enjoy your pregnancy tea hot and sipped from a cozy mug, or (my personal favorite) chilled and by the glass-full.


While you are enjoying your cup of nourishing herbal pregnancy tea you get more tips and essentials for a happy and healthy pregnancy at home because your sweet baby will be here before you know it!


Drink Deep and know you are doing all the right things to take care of yourself and your baby.






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