Do Your Desires Cause Anxiety?

Do Your Desires Cause Anxiety?

Does your hearts desire pull you, encourage you to grow into your fullest potential? Or does it stress you out, overwhelm you and make you feel like a failure because you are not living your dream?

Join me as we talk about the desires of our hearts. How to listen to it, how to trust it and follow it. Our hearts are beautiful life giving organs that keep us alive and hold our emotions like love, joy, and pain. We will talk about healing herbs for your physical heart and your emotional heart.

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Drink deep and always walk in beauty.


It's amazing how a warm cup of tea or a hot bath can remedy a hard day or stressful thoughts. We know sometimes life can be overwhelming, and that's why we've bundled our best stress relieving products in one convenient Stress Relief Gift Set, so you can drink and sleep deep and find your peace.

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