The Joy and Stress of New Motherhood

The Joy and Stress of New Motherhood

Mother’s Day is a wonderful time for new moms. New moms like you and Meghan Markle have the universal feelings of happiness and excitement with your new bundle of joy. You were waiting more than nine months to give birth, and now your baby is here.

New Motherhood is a New World

But new motherhood is also emotional. It’s common to feel both blessed and stressed at the same time. Your hair will likely look different, and your bladder may have a mind of its own.

It may help you to know that many new moms feel the same way. You may not feel comfortable with how your post-baby body looks. Sure, social media is filled with cute mom and baby pics, but not many women feel comfortable sharing their struggles with the masses. You won’t see many Instagram pics of new moms crying on the bathroom floor or lying on the bed in pain.

As a new mom, you may also feel overwhelmed, thanks to fluctuating hormones and emotions. Your body is slowly recovering too. You may experience sore nipples as a result of establishing a nursing relationship, vaginal soreness, and postpartum bleeding.

As a new mom, your new normal can feel like a whirlwind. Your labor and delivery are over, but your body still hurts. Fortunately, herbal products can help expedite your postpartum recovery. The use of healing herbs will help speed up the process of healing after-birth pain, inflammation, and swelling.

Postpartum Products to Help Ease Your Transition

Birth Song Botanical products are designed to help moms during the dramatic transition from pregnancy to having a baby at home. Here are a few products we recommend:

joy of motherhood

Let There Be Milk! Tinctures and Capsules

There’s a reason this is our top-selling product! Our Breastfeeding Tincture helps breastfeeding moms by increasing breast milk production. It helps moms stay hydrated, aids with milk flow, and boosts breast milk supply, so nursing moms have enough milk for feeding and to store for future use.

Organic Herbal Nipple Salve

Nursing nipples can easily become sore, chaffe, or crack. Our nipple cream relieves that soreness and even helps with diaper rash, bumps, and cuts on toddlers. It’s made with calendula and Oregon grape root, both known for their healing properties.

Postpartum Herb Bath for Mom and Baby

Midwives often recommend herbal baths for new moms. After a vaginal birth, soreness is common. Using healing herbs can help reduce inflammation, soreness, and pain from tearing and bruising. Our herb bath contains calendula and plantain for their anti-inflammatory properties and healing herbs including shepherd’s purse and yarrow. These herbs are good for your baby too—and will help heal the umbilical cord.

Managing Your Postpartum Recovery

Having a baby is a big emotional and physical transition. Giving birth is a life-altering event, and it’s essential to have realistic expectations about how your routine and your body will change. Don’t rush to get back on your feet. If this is your first’s Mother’s Day, enjoy it!

Birth Song Botanicals has a 20 percent off special on products made for nursing moms and new mothers.  Visit our website and read our blog regularly for breastfeeding and other tips and suggestions on caring for your baby.

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