Fertility and The Feminine Art of Creation

Fertility and The Feminine Art of Creation
Spring is blooming in all it's glory! Everywhere I look, I see green. New seedlings are sprouting, flowers blooming, and birds sitting on nests. The richness and fullness of fertility abound.  The urge to be productive and generative is potent. Some of us want to create a new life for ourselves, a new identity, some of us are making art, reinventing our business or careers, some of us are growing gardens, others are making babies.

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Let me ask you, what are you creating? What are you generating? What is fertile for you right now?


Google defines fertility as a noun: fertility

the quality of being fertile; productiveness.

"improve soil fertility by adding compost."

the ability to conceive children or young.

"Anxiety and stress affect fertility in both men and women."

Similar words are fecundity, fruitfulness, productiveness, prolificacy, generativeness, richness, and lushness.


When I think of the words "being fertile or fruitful," it can mean giving birth to a child. Yet I see the words to encompass our soul and spirit too. To have a fertile soul or spirit means to give birth to the true self, the person you are underneath all your layers of disguise. A fertile soul can create and live the life you want to live in. A life filled with art, passion, music, gardens, plants, meditation, connected with nature, with an open heart and mind, living in a state of creativity, spiritual growth, and awakening.

When I say connected with nature, we are not separate from nature. Nature is not just our environment. I mean, I'm not going to go outside and look at nature or see nature or experience nature... I am nature, we are nature, we are the universe. The universe is ever-expanding, and it's always generating new possibilities.


Fertility and nature

If you want to improve your fertility, whether it is to write a book, teach a class, grow a garden, or have a baby... you name it. If you want to create it, you must collaborate with the universe. Today I am going to share a few tips to help you open yourself to your fertile and generative potential. The first two tips are for general fertility and creation. The last two are more specific for those of you who want to get pregnant and improve your ability to conceive.


Come Home

From a Qigong perspective, to come home means to settle yourself into your physical center, and into your spiritual center. From there, you hang you with your life companion, your breath.  


We are all in quarantine right now, so it's easy to be at our house. But are we really at home? 

Come home has a few meanings. 

  • 1). To literally pause or stop running from here to there, avoiding and escaping your reality. Running from thing to thing tends to clutter up our lives and emotions. It fills the void with distractions. A distracted mind is not a fertile mind. "Coming home" allows you the opportunity to open yourself to create the time and space for your process on your own timeline. Planting gardens, writing books, developing new courses, sewing masks, painting, or preparing your body for pregnancy all take time and space in your life to be able to make them a physical reality.  

It may like your biological clock is ticking, and the rest of your life is filled with demands on your time. You have schedules, deadlines, responsibilities that keep you busy. You are probably super productive and efficient at what you do and accomplish. You can get so much crossed off your list. That is right brain, linear, a masculine way to reach a goal. It is very efficient and totally appropriate for certain aspects of productivity and success.  

However, creation, spiritual growth, and pregnancy are not merely things that you cross off your list. They require a more feminine approach, which is not linear, it's messy and filled with passion. Fertility is a life process that needs to be experienced and unfold uniquely. Fertility is a natural process nature of universal creation. Natural processes take time, they ebb and flow, they pause, and surge, sometimes they go really, really slow. Allowing time and space in your life for the richness of growth and feminine potential is essential.  

Consider time and space to follow through too. It's easy to start a project, but finishing it is a whole other skill. If you are trying to conceive, tapping into creativity is vital, and if you want to carry the baby to term and raise a child, that takes follow-through far beyond the idea of wanting a baby.


Fertility and collaboration with the universe

Coming home also refers to your health.  

2). Coming home means focusing on being the healthiest version of yourself. This includes health in all forms: physically, mentally, emotionally, and soulfully. To connect with your most healthy physical self, it might be time to take a good look at some of your daily habits. What needs to get polished up a bit?


  • Are you working out? Are you moving your body, promoting tone, and flexibility?
  • What about smoking or drinking? Is it time to quit?
  • How many cups of coffee do you really need in a day? 
  • What nourishing foods are you eating? Do you get fresh fruits and vegetables every day?
  • Does the diet you are eating optimally nourish you now? Will it sustain your creativity or a pregnancy?
  • How do you manage stress?
  • How do you quiet your mind and calm your thoughts?
  • Do you have a meditation practice?
  • In what ways do you feel like you need to slow down and find your center?
  • How do you connect to nature?

If any of these areas need your attention, then I invite you to come home and tend to them with kindness and compassion. 


Fertility and possibilites



Much like coming home, connecting is a loving act.  

Connect with yourself: 

Sometimes when we look for answers as to why we feel stuck, stagnate or infertile we realize the solution may not necessarily lie in the physical realm. Instead, they are intertwined in our emotional and mental well-being. Exploring deep enough into your emotional history, you almost always find a complex mix of various events, triggers, and life stresses that undoubtedly impact your psyche, and your fertility.


Yoni steam for fertility

Check out our Youtube video and blog post about intense emotions and how to integrate with your inner child and resolve past traumas and pain.  This is an incredibly helpful tool to get in touch with your creativity and fertility. You will find it on our youtube channel and blog.

Ask Yourself Tough Questions:

The creative process of manifestation is powerful and requires you to get real with who you are, what you want, how you are going to go about achieving your goal. It requires you to trust the process and get out of your own way. If you want to bring something new into this world, ask yourself why.  

  • Why do you really want it? 
  • Is it the right time?  
  • What will your life look like with this new creation? 
  • How will you respond if it's not exactly what you thought it was going to be?
  • Are you doing this because your soul wants you to or your culture, family/ society wants you to?

In terms of pregnancy, ask your self:

  • Why do you want to have a baby? 
  • Do you think it will improve your relationship with your partner
  • Seriously consider if you can accept your child as a conscious being who has a life path and goals beyond your intentions for them. 
  • Will you allow your child to be true to themselves?  
  • What if your child has special needs? 
  • Are you open to the full experience of motherhood?


Connecting with your Partner

Are you and your partner co-creating this together? How are you creating time and space in your relationship with each other? Do you include them in your creative process? If you are growing a business, maybe they don't really need to be front and center. It might be your passion. All you need from them is their support and belief in you.

connect with your partner to increase fertility

If you want to get pregnant, then obviously, you are in a co-creation process with your partner. Sometimes when couples don't conceive as fast as they wanted to, the couple falls into a routine where they schedule their intimacy and make it robotic to improve their chances of conception. While there is some merit to that, it takes away the richness of spontaneity, passion, and creativity of lovemaking. All of which are precious ingredients to a beautiful pregnancy, birth, and family.


Fertility gift set


Before we go on to the next tips, may I offer you this short meditation to lead you home and connect with yourself?


Let's begin by getting comfortable where you are... You can be in any posture... You can be standing..... sitting in your chair, or lying down... We will start by softly closing your eyes... Observe your breath.....Take three long, slow cleansing breaths..... Allow yourself to sink into relaxation...... Feel yourself become more comfortable with each breath... Continue to breathe, slowly and deeply, in and out..... Now, gently place one hand over your heart and the other over your womb. Or lower belly....stay connected to your breath... As you breathe, in and out, slowly, deeply, softly... bring your awareness to your hands. Feel the sensations of your hands... Now bring your awareness to the space between your hands and your body. Bring your awareness to the point of connection. Now with your mind, lead your awareness and breath deep inside your body.....Continue soft, smooth breaths and relax as your calm, focused mind is aware of the inside of your body..... Feel yourself breathe into your heart space and into your womb space......These areas of your body are rich...generative..... These spaces create... they grow..... they experience love..... open yourself to perceive and receive the sensations from in your heart and womb..... Allow the messages, symbols, or understandings to come to you. Trust that what presents itself is for your highest good..... with gratitude, .....acknowledge these precious spaces in your physical, emotional and energetic body...... Now ask your body what your body needs right now..... Listen with kindness... curiosity....and patience..... Once you receive your body's message, take a deep cleansing breath..... and Smile.... smile to your body... to yourself..... slowly open your eyes..... bringing your awareness back to the room..... Remember, moments like these are rich with connection,.... stillness, ....and creativity. Often we look outside ourselves for the answer. Our body holds so much truth, and we just have to learn how to understand its language.

Now, you have to meet your body halfway and follow through with what your body just told you it needs. Especially if you want your body to follow through with what you are asking it to do!


fertility wisdom of the body


Know Your Cycle


Knowing yourself and your cycle is vital. If you have not read the book Taking Charge of Your Fertility yet, then add it to your must-read list! Toni Weschler teaches you exactly how to monitor your ovulation fluid, basal body temperature, check your cervix, and how to chart it all so that it makes sense. 

See our video about how to chart your cycle to promote pregnancy and to prevent pregnancy.

You don't just know about your body because you want a baby. You want to know about your body when you don't want a baby, and you still want to take into the incredible power of creativity.

Next week we will answer questions like:

  • How long are your cycles? 
  • What does your fertile mucus look like? 
  • What are the best days for you to conceive? 
  • What are the days that you won't conceive?

If you don't know this information, you will want to watch the video for sure!

The last tip is specific to women who are interested in getting pregnant.


Menstrual cycles and Fertility

Consume Supportive Herbs for Fertility

Increasing fertility means promoting optimal health and wellness. The herbs blended in Fertile Ground are:

  • adaptogens 
  • aphrodisiacs
  • nutritive uterine tonics
  • hormone balancers.  

Fertile Ground is intended to prepare the uterus for pregnancy by increasing fertility. If you get pregnant while taking Fertile Ground that is, fantastic! At that point, you should stop taking it because this remedy is not recommended for pregnancy; instead, it's helpful to prepare the body for conception. From there your body knows what to do.  

Suggested use to promote fertility: Take 20-30 drops in the morning from menstruation to ovulation. Stop at ovulation. Resume again with menstruation.

Fertile Ground is a blend of time-tested, fertility-boosting herbs. Here is a little bit about them:


Fertile Ground herbal supplement to increase fertility


Ashwagandha-  Ashwagandha has been studied extensively and shown to improve fertility by helping your body cope with and manage stress, illness, poor nutrition, exhaustion, and hormone imbalances. All of which can interfere with our bodies' ability to conceive. Ashwagandha was mentioned in the Kama Sutra as a principle herb to enhance sexual stamina and fertility.


Red Clover- Red clover is valued for its numerous healing properties, specifically in women's health for centuries. Red clover is one of the richest sources of isoflavones called phytoestrogens. Isoflavones are water-soluble chemicals that act like estrogen. Red Clover is helpful to increase fertility, for hot flashes/flushes, PMS, and breast health.

Red Clover to supportFertility


Vitex- Vitex is also known as Chaste Berry. It is a well-known herb that addresses irregular menstruation. Vitex helps women who have amenorrhea (no menstruation) and women who have short heavy cycles. Vitex is often blended in herbal formulas to support the body during a suspected miscarriage. Vitex works so well because it has a positive impact on progesterone levels. Many miscarriages result from low levels of progesterone. Vitex may help to normalize or support the body to increase levels of progesterone. Vitex is considered a safe herb during pregnancy. It's important to mention once more that not all of the herbs in Fertile Ground are recommended for pregnancy. Always consult an herbalist, your midwife, or doctor before taking herbal supplements while pregnant.


Red Raspberry Leaf- Red Raspberry Leaf is a classic women's herb; it is incredibly toning and nourishing and for the uterus. It promotes healthy menstruation, childbirth, and perimenopause symptoms. It works so well because it is rich in easily assimilated vitamins and minerals. Women are encouraged to drink Red Raspberry often and in copious amounts.


Damiana- Damina is a relaxing aphrodisiac herb that helps you release control and allow yourself to be more spontaneous at the moment.  It improves libido and enhances your mood.  Watch our Botanica Erotica video to learn more about aphrodisiac herbs.

Damiana to support fertility

Wow! That was quite a productive post! I hope you feel more comfortable coming home, connecting, knowing your body, and understand how herbs can support your fertility. I also hope you broadened your perspective about fertility.  

Let me leave you with this: take your time, breathe slow and deep, love up on yourself and your partner, drink tea, try herbs, trust the process, ask yourself tough questions, open to creativity, and allow it all to unfold.

If you'd like to join me for Qigong practice Friday mornings at 10 central time visit our sister site www.pathwithharmony.com for more information 

Please like, share, and subscribe to our growing youtube channel. Until next time my friends, drink deep and always walk in beauty!




Fertile Ground to boost Fertility

Looking to increase your chances of conception? Herbal support is here with Fertile Ground. Formulated with herbs that nourish and prepare the uterus for pregnancy and increase your chances of conception without the use of medications!

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