Relieving Colic Pains Podcast Session

Relieving Colic Pains Podcast Session

Newborn colic is so frustrating and painful for babies and parents alike.  It can be so hard to watch your baby cry and cry as you frantically try to figure out how to help them feel better.  I speak from personal experience, remembering how difficult it was when my sweet baby cried because of colic pains.

Remembering Colic Pains

My son is older now, and those colic days are turning into a fading memory for me, and perhaps for my son.I really do think that children can remember vague bits and pieces of their infancy.  Not that long ago, my son and I were in the garden, and he asked me if he was ever in pain as a baby.  He had a serious look on his face as if he was  trying to remember something.  At first,  I said "no," not really listening to his question.  I continued watering the garden, and then it hit me like a ton of bricks:

"Yes!  Yes you were in lots of pain with colic.  Your belly hurt a lot when you were a baby!"

I'm not sure why he asked me about that in that particular moment. But after our conversation, he was relieved when I told him about all the ways I tended to him and comforted him with herbs and massage. Now, in my herbal and midwifery practice, my clients often come to me with questions about how to comfort their colicky newborns.

Relieving Colic Pains

In this session, I'd like to walk through the options you have for relieving the discomfort and upset that comes with colic.

We all learn from each other.   Please share, what helped relieve your newborn's colic pains?


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