4 Herbs that Soothe Teething Symptoms

4 Herbs that Soothe Teething Symptoms

Children’s Tranquility herbal tincture is a blend of gentle herbs that are safe for baby and may be effective against teething symptoms. 

No parent wants to see their child uncomfortable, and when a baby is too young to tell you exactly what’s wrong, it’s heartbreaking. Fussy, frustrated, chewing and slobbering. It’s just the start of teething symptoms that can change a little one’s routine and happy disposition. The tender gums often give way to a runny nose and low grade fever, too, making the process even harder for baby and mama alike.

The first teeth are especially difficult, disrupting months of establishing a rhythm between you and your little one. The teething process can start around six months old – just as you are nursing successfully, out of the postpartum fog, and enjoying your baby who is learning to enjoy the world around him. Or it may be later, when baby is scooting around and now can’t decide whether she wants to play independently or be held and comforted ‘round the clock.

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Herbal Teething Remedies

Teething remedies, like any herbal products for young babies, can be intimidating to choose. It seems like all of the big name teething products have been under fire for one reason or another. So how can you help baby with his teething symptoms without worrying about his safety?

And that’s the catch – it has to actually work. When baby is working on molars and you all just need some rest and reprieve, the last thing you want is to try something that won’t work. We’ve all been there, mama. It does get better!

My favorite way to make it better is not to mask the pain alone but to consider all of the teething symptoms your little one is dealing with. The fever, the pain, and the restlessness all roll into one difficult time.

Children’s Tranquility is my carefully curated response to those discomforts. I've blended gentle herbs that are safe for baby and effective against teething symptoms.


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Herbs that Soothe Teething Symptoms

The gentlest of herbs can have a big impact when used just right – pinpointing specific needs and resolving them. To address the most disquieting teething symptoms, I turn to a handful of specific herbs.

Remember that choosing and dosing herbs for little ones is a careful process – one that you can gain confidence in with our Herbs for Kids online course. Or, you can use Children's Tranquility with confidence, getting the benefits of all of these herbs without the guesswork.

  • Chamomile 

    As a nervine and a sedative, chamomile is known for its relaxation. It’s also anti-inflammatory, the perfect herb for relieving inflammation, soothing those pain receptors, and calming a restless baby. It’s also well regarded for toothaches at any age!

  • Catnip 

    Perhaps not as popular as chamomile, catnip is no less effective. From the mint family, catnip is just as soothing as its herbal cousins. In this case, it’s excellent for slowing that restless energy that comes with teething discomfort.

  • Passionflower 

    Another highly prized nervine, passionflower is usually used in relaxation herbal teas. It’s been actively used to help improve sleep for over 200 years! Including it in the tranquility blend means baby can get some much-needed rest – and, by extension, so can you.

  • Valerian 

    The sedative properties of valerian make it a given for any rest-creating blend. It also packs an anti-inflammatory punch, giving you another advantage against those painful, swollen gums.

Combining these gentle yet powerful herbs into one tincture creates an effective combination for little ones who need a break from painful teething symptoms. Other soothing steps you can try might include:

  • Freezing breast milk into cubes for baby to chew on
  • Freezing a wash cloth soaked in breast milk for baby to chew on
  • Putting breast milk or ice cubes into mesh feeders for baby to hold easily
  • Keeping baby close and comfy in a good carrier

Teething symptoms are no walk in the park. By paying attention to all of the symptoms baby is experiencing instead of just gum pain, some more direct relief may be found. 

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