How To Treat A Fever With Herbs and Hydrotherapy

How To Treat A Fever With Herbs and Hydrotherapy

When you or a loved one has a fever lots of questions pop into your mind.  Is a fever a good thing? What is a fever? Is it helpful or harmful, and how do I take care of the fever safely at home? 

Fevers are such a hot topic I decided to create a 6 part video series On Apothecary Wisdom all about fevers. 


Video 1

Video 1 Herbs for Fevers is the primary video with all the information. That video covers the causes of fevers, symptoms of fevers, treatment for fevers with hydrotherapy and herbs. We also cover how to determine the need for medical attention when you or your child has a fever.

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In this video I mentioned the herbs Echinacea and Yarrow, both are found in our Children's Immune Boost!  


Children's fever reducer 


Video 2

Video 2  What Is a Fever? Addresses what is a fever and how to determine if it's safe.  What are the differences between high and low grade fevers in children and adults.

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Elderberry Complex antiviral and fever reducer

Video 3

Video 3 What Causes a Fever? This video discusses the primary causes of fevers.

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Children's herbs for coughs and fevers


Video 4

Video 4 Treating a Fever With Herbs teaches how to take care of a fever with gentle and powerful herbs that are safe for children and adults, such as echinacea, yarrow, chamomile, and elderberry. 

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 Lung support tea clear congestion and reduce a fever

Video 5

Video 5 How To Treat a Fever With Hydrotherapy demonstrates how to treat a fever with water, steam, and fomentations.

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cold and flu bath

Video 6 

Video 6 When To Seek Medical Attention For a Fever covers the clear line when a fever needs medical evaluation. 

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herbal immune boosters to lower fevers naturally

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As always my friends, drink deep and always walk in beauty.



***This is for educational purposes. I am not a doctor. What you choose to do with this information is your responsibility.

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