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Top 4 Organic Herbal Products for Newborns that Natural Moms Love!

Top 4 Organic Herbal Products for Newborns that Natural Moms Love!

That new baby smell is intoxicating. Snuggling up to a sleeping little one who is just days or weeks earthside is one of the purest joys in the world. When it comes down to it, newborns need very little. Keep close to mama, keep warm, keep clean, keep fed. A good baby carrier and a budding nursing relationship are the best things you can have for your newborn. As a bonus, a few good herbal products for newborns can be good to have on hand, as well.

Top 4 Herbal Products for Newborns

I’m not one to advocate a large stash of gadgets and products for newborns. Instead, keep a few must-have products on hand that can be used for just about every issue that may come up. That way, you never have to have much within reach. A good cloth diaper, for example, can be grabbed for a spit-up or spill as well as for the bum, and a receiving blanket can be wrapped around baby or folded up and used inside a cover as a diaper!

These are the four herbal products for newborns that I consider necessary when you’ve got a baby on board.

Healing Salve

A good healing salve should be gentle enough for the youngest of babies, safe enough for accidental ingestion, and versatile enough to be used for anything. That’s what I had in mind with my healing diaper salve, made with healing herbs like calendula, yarrow, plantain, and more. The blend is anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, and immune-boosting to promote healing. It’s also balancing, making it a good choice for rashes that could be related to a microbial imbalance. I like to use healing salve for all kinds of issues, including:

  • Cracked, sore nipples
  • Diaper rash
  • Toddler and big kid owies

Keep a healing salve with your diapers, your favorite nursing spot, or in the diaper bag for quick and easy use.

Cord Care Powder

It can seem to take forever for the umbilical cord to fall off. Meanwhile, it’s stinky, in the way of baby’s diaper and clothes, and could even be a risk for infection. Instead of a harsh peroxide or even alcohol, I have made a dry powdered herb and resin blend to help dry the stump. Plus, it smells great!

Cord Care Powder includes myrrh, neem, yarrow, Oregon grape root, and lavender. If you notice the shared healing ingredients with the salve, you’ll catch on that the powder can be used for more than a cord. If you keep it around after the stump falls off (can be just a few days!) you can use it for other owies and sores. 

Postpartum Herb Bath

This bath is not just for mama and her tender lady parts after birth.  Calendula is one of the primary herbs in the bath and calendula is great for clearing up sensitive newborn skin and drying the umbilical cord. Also, if your sweet little one had a circumcision, Postpartum Herb Bath is so soothing for his tender healing wound. You can make the bath in your big tub and bathe together or you can make smaller batches and use your baby bath or your kitchen sink.

Stomach Soother

Stomach Soother

As sweet and precious as newborns can be, a baby with colic can break your heart and wear on your nerves. All you want is all they want – to feel better! Nursing, making sure you aren’t eating something that they can’t tolerate well (dairy is a big culprit), and wearing the baby in a good carrier can all help. But sometimes you need help.

I’ve combined the classic tummy-soothing herbs into a colic and gas remedy for your uncomfortable little one. A blend of ginger, fennel, and peppermint can quickly calm an uncomfortable tummy. Just a couple of drops of Stomach Soother at a time are all you need to help sooth fussing and eliminate painful gas.


What’s Your Newborn Product Style?

Everyone – from the easygoing babymoon to the difficult transition – can look for the precious moments of snuggles, smiles, yawns, and kisses. Cherish them. No matter whether you like to have lots of gadgets and products for newborns or keep it minimal, the most important thing is to soak in the sweet moments with your new little one.

The time passes so quickly. When you’re fighting for breastfeeding success or struggling through postpartum depression, that can feel like a good thing. Some of these herbal products for newborns and the herbs we have for postpartum can help to ease the stress and struggle.


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