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  • Woman's Balance - a Graceful Journey
  • Maria Chowdhury
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Woman's Balance - a Graceful Journey

Woman's Balance - a Graceful Journey

Establishing a woman's balance is about moving gracefully throughout the stages of your life–from maiden, to mother, to wise woman. Balance is not about being perfect all of the time, or that your life is exactly rationed into equal parts. Rather, balance allows for seasons of your life to unfold and flourish in the right time. 

For me, being balanced is all about being in right relation with the earth and the various aspects of my life, such as family, health, career, and spirituality. When I am feeling pulled in different directions and am paying attention to too many things at once, I stop, take a deep breath and remember to reconnect with my stronger, wiser self.

Being balanced is about being connected.

Adaptogens like Siberian Ginseng are incredible herbal tools for balance.


Nourishing a Woman's Balance

By nature, we are connectors. We want to have a vision for our lives, have a sense of place and purpose, and feel like we belong to a tribe of like minded people.

Like you, I’m on a journey of self discovery. I am faced with challenges, fears, and stumbling blocks. When these pop up along my path, I find ways to face them and move beyond them into a place of freedom and clarity.

Some ways that support me on my personal journey include:

  • Chi Gong. The words Chi Gong mean, “life energy cultivation.” Chi Gong is a mind-body excise that helps align your breath, movement and awareness to strengthen and cultivate personal energy for the purposes of healing and meditation.
  • Herbal infusions. Not only are herbs medicinal, but the practice of brewing a tea infusion or waiting for a tincture is meditative in itself. In the slowing down and waiting, we find almost as much balance and healing as in the plant itself.
  • Adaptogenic herbs. Herbs in the adaptogenic classification, like the Siberian ginseng pictured above, are balancing by their very nature. Instead of boosting the immune system, for example, adaptogenic immune-balancers will temper an overactive immune system or bolster one that is sluggish. Adaptogens are some of the best daily supportive herbs.
  • Yoga Nidra. Nidra is the Sanskrit word for sleep. So, Yoga Nidra is an ancient yogic sleep technique designed for you to get the rest you need, while also waking up your consciousness. You do not create or imagine anything during a yoga nidra meditation. Instead, you enter a meditative state and connect deeply with your body.
  • Connecting. When I connect deeply with my body and voice, I am able to better discern what is needed for balance. I am able to move forward with imperfect action. I am able to prioritize myself alongside other people and things. Balance isn't achieved through a rote formula. We have to feel and know in our hearts what is needed.

I have practiced many forms of meditation, and in my opinion both chi gong and yoga nidra are some of the easiest to learn and quickest to bring results.

You are on a journey. What is your vision? In what ways do you connect with your body, find your voice, and take action?

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  • Maria Chowdhury
  • adaptogensbalancechi gongherbsmeditationNatural Remediesrestself-careWoman's Balanceyoga nidra

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