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Immune Boosting Herbs for Kids

Immune Boosting Herbs for Kids

We all want the best for our children, but sometimes it can be difficult to know what to do. Especially when it comes to wellness, we want to know how to keep our kids from getting sick, or how to break the cycle of perpetual sickness that seems to come up from time to time. Use these immune boosting herbs to help keep your little one happy and healthy no matter what.

Why We Get Sick

Immune boosting herbs play an important role in our children's overall health. But, as you know, our lifestyles play a huge role in how healthy our children will be.

Even when the weather is gorgeous, the sun is shining, and all seems to be well, life can still be super stressful for the modern family. Often, two parents are both working in or outside of the home, and their jobs consume most of their time. Single parents work extra hard, carrying the entire load by themselves.

Children themselves are over-scheduled at school or daycare with little outside playtime, and then they are exposed to a plethora of pathogens.

Furthering the cycle, due to a lack of time and money, families are eating more processed foods than ever. The American diet is filled with sugar, artificial colors, and preservatives. Food allergies are at an all time high. More and more children are suffering from physical and emotional illnesses.

If we remain stuck in this cycle of stress, poor nutrition, overly busy days and not enough sleep, we should not expect a little herbal tincture to yield great results. So many times, parents will expect a tincture to fix a lifestyle of sickness and then blame the tincture when no one gets well. 

Instead, bolstering our children’s immunity takes constant diligence and effort.  Parents are always looking for creative ways to keep their kids healthy, but it's simple. It starts with diet, nourishing herbs, sunshine, rest, and exercise, then extends to feeling safe and respected. Our children's health requires that all the pieces fit together in order for their vitality to really shine!

Daily Immune Boosting Tinctures for Kids

Our children’s lives are so very full of activities and stimulation, even at a very young age. Even when we're doing all we can to keep them healthy, herbs are vital components to our children’s immunity in our modern, fast-paced culture. Children’s Daily Immune Tincture is an easy way to support and strengthen children’s immune and respiratory systems in order to help keep them healthy.

  • Children’s Daily Immune Tincture is loaded with Astragalus, Echinacea, Anise Seed, and Rose Hips to support the immune system. It is safe for use as a daily tonic before they catch that bug. 
  • Children’s Immune Boost gives kids that extra BOOST to feel better when signs of illness strike.

Immune Boosting Herbs for Kids

Two spotlight herbs that I use in my tinctures and regularly with kiddos are echinacea and astragalus. 

Astragalus is an incredible adaptogen, that can actually help to modulate either an overactive immune system or an under responsive one. You can use astragalus when cooking with medicinal herbs or in tinctures for quick, precise dosing. 

Echinacea has long been recognizes as an immune boosting herb. Take it at the first sign of illness for its most supportive effects. It can be included in teas and tinctures alike and may help anything from a cold to an infection.


What are your favorite herbal immune system boosters?  Have you worked with Astragalus or Echinacea?  What were your experiences?  

Do you want to learn herbal recipes and how to make your own herbal remedies, what herbs are safe for children and what illnesses are good to start with herbs when working with children...  

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  • Maria Chowdhury
  • astragaluschildrenchildren's wellness kitdaily immuneechinaceaherbsimmune boosting herbsimmune systemNatural Remediesstresswellness

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