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Why Do I Have a Low Milk Supply?

Why Do I Have a Low Milk Supply?

Are you one of the millions of moms who wonder if you are making enough breastmilk for your baby? Being concerned about Low milk supply can keep you up at night and fill you with worry and doubt. In fact, if you actually have a low milk supply in some cases, it is devastating. One thing to keep in mind is that milk supply is not a stable constant amount: our supply ebbs and flows. Within the normal breastfeeding process, there are times at our supply peaks and times when it dips. This is normal and to be expected. On today's episode of Apothecary Wisdom, and in this post, we are exploring theĀ top 11 reasons for low milk supply. Your low supply issue could be a temporary problem that will resolve itself naturally or be something you need to address immediately! Watch this video or read this post to find out!

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