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Earache Relief Oil: What's Behind The Blend?

Earache Relief Oil: What's Behind The Blend?

Why do we make Earache Relief Oil? We do because young children get so many painful earaches. We had to make an herbal remedy to help soothe the pain, fight the infection and clear out the congestion causing the irritation . We blended Garlic, Mullein and other herbs to create an effective and relieving ear oil made for children and adults for both acute and chronic earaches.

Today, we are announcing the newest member of our Birth Song Botanicals Children's Herbal Collection.

In this video, I give instructions for application, as well as, the benefits these herbs for soothing ear infections.

Learn more and order Earache Relief Oil today! 

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***This is for educational purposes. I am not a doctor. What you choose to do with this information is your responsibility.***

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