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Mullein: Relieves Lung congestion and Earaches

Mullein: Relieves Lung congestion and Earaches

In this popular Apothecary Wisdom video, Maria will be sharing all about the benefits of Mullein leaves and flowers. Mullein is an excellent herbal remedy when experiencing painful, earaches, or upper respiratory congestion.


Mullein is a powerful decongestant and expectorant that makes coughs more productive. Since it effectively relieves lung congestion, we blended the soft Mullein leaves into our Lung Support Teahelping you breathe more clearly and deeply.


Mullein's cheerful and bright flowers have pain-relieving analgesic properties that help soothe the discomfort of hot, inflamed earaches. Our Ear Ache Relief Oil is blended with mullein and other anti-microbic herbs that combat ear infections quickly and safely.


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