How to Enjoy Your Period

How to Enjoy Your Period

Would you like to be supported physically, emotionally, and hormonally during your menstrual cycle?

How do you feel about your period? What was your response to the last time you started your period? Did you expect it? Were you surprised? Did you sigh in relief or cry in disappointment? 


How does your mood change? What about cramping or pain? Do you look forward to your menstrual cycle as if a good friend is coming back to you with a message and insight or information about you?

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What messages are in your menstrual cycles?  

I’m so glad you’re here with me today.  Together we’re growing and learning more about woman’s wisdom, botanical medicine, and feminine power.


Let's connect with our wombs and practice listening, observing, and learning from our bodies. There is so much information stored in our blood, breast, bones, and breath. It takes patience, curiosity, and compassion to be a good listener.


Nature is a wondrous teacher. Being in nature can relax us so profoundly that we enter a parasympathetic state. In this relaxed state, we breathe deeper, think more clearly, feel an overall sense of connection. This connection reminds us that we are not alone. Billions of women are menstruating with you, right now. You are not alone at all. Menstruation is a very unifying, global, everyday human experience.

Often we feel vulnerable, and our periods are private personal experiences. I think we feel that way because our blood comes from deep inside us. It comes from the most amazingly creative and productive space in our bodies: that space that no one can feel but us. I mean, so many things come from there. From mucus to blood, clots, amniotic fluid, and babies to art, businesses, healing practices, to everything in between.  


4 Ways to Synchronize with Nature

Since nature is such a healer and teacher, let's find ways to harmonize and establish a more robust connection with nature.

Throughout time, women have been and will be the timekeepers. Every month, women reveal their connection to the more significant cycles of nature. Our internal clock can be synchronized with other women around us and with the phases of the moon. Like the moon, we wax and wane, and we feel full and bright, empty, and dark.

The generations before us woke up with the sun and slept with the stars.  They walked barefoot, touched the soil, worked the land with their hands, their entire lives were a response to the forces of nature.  

In our modern age, the lights are on well past sunset. We stare at screens, our food is processed, and has been shipped to us from a distant farm. We wear shoes; we're bombarded by radiation and drive in metal boxes 80 miles an hour. Some artificial stimulus is always stimulating us. All of this stimulus influences our hormones and how we feel when we menstruate.

Let me share with you three ways that help me deepen my connection to the natural laws of nature to have a more enjoyable and empowering menstrual cycle.

1. Follow a Routine.  The more consistent you are with your sleep and wake cycles makes it easier to reset your circadian rhythms. Create a method that supports you to wake up in the morning and go to bed at the same time every night.

2. Prioritize Sleep Make sure your bedroom is completely dark when you are sleeping at night. Your bedroom should only have two functions: Rest and Intimacy. Ideally, your bedroom does not have your TV, computer, lights, and your home office in the corner. All of that electricity and light affect your quality of sleep. If it is unavoidable due to space, then cover your work area with a beautiful dark-colored cloth.  


3. Be Outside Spending at least 10 minutes outside every day will do wonders for your mood, sleep, and overall health. Get sunlight on your skin and moonlight in your eyes. Vitamin D from the sun helps build immunity and improves your mood. Observing how the moon constantly changes and progresses through its cycles might help you recognize and allow the changes and phases of your life and body.


4. Eat Womb Food and try Seed Cycling   As an empowered woman, you know how essential it is for you to have a healthy relationship with your womb. The invitation here is to choose foods so your uterus is healthy and vibrant. A healthy uterus is foundational to your overall well-being on every level, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Click here to learn more about Womb Food and how to incorporate Seed Cycling to balance hormones into your diet. 



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4 Ways to Honor Your Period

Perspective is everything! How we perceive our cycle profoundly effects how we respond to it. If you see your menstruation as a messy, painful burden that you're ashamed of, then it can only be that for you.

Learning to reframe our self-talk helps to gain new perspectives and cultivate a new relationship with your body. Honoring your body as a creative vessel, with infinite wisdom is the ultimate way to start this love affair with your authentic self. Deep down, everyone wants to feel safe and loved. Relationships like this require trust, compassion, and forgiveness. Do you trust and feel secure in your body? Can you be compassionate and enjoy yourself? What do you need to forgive and release? 

Once this shift happens and a new level of self-love and awareness starts to take root. You will begin to experience changes and adjustments in all areas of your life. Some of the most apparent shifts will be how you perceive and experience your menstrual cycle.



1. Keep a moon calendar. The more you observe and document how you are feeling each day of the month, the more insight you will glean about your body and psyche. I have a wall calendar hanging in the bathroom. It's a convenient way for me to chart what I'm experiencing physically and emotionally. An unexpected benefit of charting my cycle on that calendar is I was unintentionally sharing my experiences with him. Now he can see what's happening with me. He knows that my behavior is stemming from my hormones, so rather than creating conflict with me, he creates space for me.

Does it seem like your hormones control everyone around you?  

2. Go natural Ditch the chemical-laden pads and tampons! Start using cloth pads or a menstrual cup instead. Huge corporations make millions of dollars selling us hygiene products that are made with synthetic materials that are expensive, uncomfortable, and fill landfills.


 Everyone finds what works best for them and their lifestyle and resources. So I know the next thing I'm about to say is not for everyone but consider this. If your body is trying to cleanse, it has downward flowing energy. Why would we want to plug it up or clog it? Wearing a tampon goes against the flow of what your body is trying to do. I mean, who is wearing who? Are you wearing the tampon, or is the tampon wearing you? One more thing about tampons.  In my opinion, there is something to be said about seeing your blood. It's essential to know the color, texture, the clots. 

3. Create space for yourself Carve out self-time and create space in your life for you to retreat and treat yourself special. Take a long slow walk in the woods. Soak in a soothing herb bath. Light candles drink herbal teas that support your menstruation. Journal, stretch, cry, eat chocolate do whatever feels instinctive, primal, and solitary. Going within and listening deeply to your body requires you to take time out to be with yourself!

4. Meditate Continuing on the topic of creating space. Meditation offers you an opportunity to connect with and cleanse your womb space. Let me guide you through a beautiful and tender meditation called Cleansing, Your Pelvic Bowl meditation, to facilitate a soulful and intimate connection with your womb. It can support and nourish you from the inside out.


Click the image to be guided through you a beautiful pelvic bowl and body blessing! 



5 Lovely Herbs for Period Support

1. Chamomile Think of chamomile as a sweet grandmother who always knows what you need, even before you ask. Chamomile's high in calcium content makes it comforting for painful period cramps and vulnerable emotions. Chamomile is like that warm, comfortable blanket that you want to pull over your head as you crawl back into bed. You can enjoy chamomile in our Moon Cycle Herbal Tea. You can make chamomile herb baths. Also, you can carry some in your pocket when it's blended in our easy to take Cycle Relief Herbal Extract formulated for painful period cramps.

2. Motherwort Takes the edge off of strong, intense emotions that might come out a more harsh or extreme than you intended. Motherwort helps your uterus do what it is trying to do by promoting effective uterine expulsion of all the endometrial lining so that your next cycle starts clean and fresh. If your period begins with clots, then you will want to experiment with motherwort to see how different your cycle is next month. 


3. Cramp Bark Does what the name implies. It is an incredibly beneficial herb for relieving painful menstrual cramps and whole body aches and pains!

4. Cycle Relief Menstrual Support Tincture. Think of Cycle Relief Tincture as a friend who is there to support you physically, emotionally, and hormonally as you menstruate.  Cycle Relief is especially helpful during the first days of your period. Cycle Relief helps you feel good in your physical and emotional body, both of which are undergoing hormonal changes. Cycle Relief Tincture comforts you by softening the harshness of menstrual cramps, bringing you much-needed relief.

It is an astringent, nervine, and nutritive uterine tonic that maintains uterine tone minimizes bleeding and helps your uterus empty so your next cycle will start fresh. I intentionally blended Cycle Relief Tincture to taste delicious and sweet—because you deserve some sweetness right now!


Period relief

5. Moon Cycle Herbal Tea. Blended for the mystical woman who wants to tap into her inner feminine power. Formulated with Mugwort Moon Cycle helps you remember your dreams. During your menstrual cycle, many of us have very vivid dreams. An aspect of being an active listener to our body is also to listen to our dreams. Take your time, create space, brew a cup of Moon Cycle tea, experience the pelvic bowl meditation, soak in a soothing herb bath, look at the moon, and honor your cycle.

Reframe it as if a wise friend is coming for a visit. Remember, she has a message for you! Will you be able to hear it?


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